Stranger Things 3 Game: Release Date, Characters, Gameplay, and Trailer

Stranger Things 3 Game

Stranger Things is an American science-fiction game as well as also a season on Netflix. The third installment is on the way and titles onscreen as Stranger things 3. It is a classic tie video game that has a unique style and linked to the nostalgic re-enactment of the 80s.

The game features the same storyline as the third season of Stranger things describe. here we will talk about the Stranger Things 3 Game: Release Date, Characters, Gameplay, and Trailer.

BonusXP is the co-founder and CEO of the game and takes 12-15 hours to complete the game. The trailer is given below, and it recognizes the different situations and reworking in the same form as the season does.

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So, this action adventure game has an isometric view, and 16-bit art style of the play gives an overhead view. However, the game supports both Solo and co-op gameplay. You can use Buddy commands during playing Solo which controls the actions of both characters.

Who is in it?

Twelve playable characters are included in Stranger Things three installment game.

Cast Stars: Eleven, Mike,  Joyce,  Dustin, Lucas, Will, Hopper, Jonathan, Steve, Billy.

When Stranger things three game is coming?

At the beginning of 2019, confirmed the official date of Stranger things 3. It will release on independence day of the United States on 4th July 2019.

Trailer of the Stranger Things 3 Game

Yes, Netflix revealed the trailer of the third installment for their fans on 3rd April, 2019. The trailer shows that kids have grown up, but the fear of Upside Down is still here.


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