Stay At Home Lockdowns Are Causing People to Leave Los Angeles in Droves

stay at home lockdowns

For years Los Angeles has been the place people with dreams migrated to. Now, in the wake of the Coronavirus, people are leaving by the masses to other cities and even other states. The stay at home lockdowns orders has created conditions that residents of the city are finding unbearable. Among the circumstances caused by the pandemic, the already high number of homeless individuals has increased, spreading to expensive neighborhoods and forcing residents out.

The state of California has been keeping residents informed by updating its Coronavirus website, which posted the state’s revised criteria for loosening and tightening restrictions on August 28, 2020.

The stay at home lockdowns orders that were put into place by Governor Newsome only allowed for essential activity and specific activities that were considered non-essential. Essential activities are defined as:

  •         Tasks that are vital to health and safety
  •         Gathering household items – food, cleaning supplies, necessities
  •         Caring for a family member or pet
  •         Work for an essential business

The non-essential activities include getting out and exercising. Any activity that can be done with minimal contact with another person is permitted and encouraged to help combat cabin fever.

Part of the safety measures released by the CDC to keep people across the country safe has been the use of cloth masks. The masks are worn to help keep the risk of exposure down if there is no way to social distance effectively.

Most people have opted for stylish masks made from fabrics that they liked versus the paper medical type. There are thousands of tutorials available on the web for making DIY masks, so there is not much excuse for not having one. has reported an increase in service requests from Los Angeles residents looking to escape from the stay at home lockdowns and the increased homelessness. The pandemic has also changed the way auto transport companies handle business.

Just like other businesses, professional transport companies are taking to a contactless style of conducting their business. For some, this wasn’t too hard to do because they had already done away with physical paperwork, switching to an all-digital type of filing system.

The use of asks and sanitizing has become an essential part of everyday operations. Drivers are making sure to social distance from customers to increase safety against contracting Coronavirus. Will it always be like this?

Officials are hopeful that these measures may only be temporary. Still, there is no guarantee that this will be the case. The changes being made are ones that are easy enough to maintain implemented in any circumstance.

How does the future look for Los Angeles? Over forty thousand people were homeless in January 2020, before the pandemic began. Now the unemployment rate is around 20%, and tents line the streets, even in some of the fanciest neighborhoods. Even celebrities are moving from the area, some to other states. For example, high-profile celebrity comedian Joe Rogan has left Los Angeles to move to Texas. His reason? He cited overcrowding, traffic, and homelessness.

If you are one of these Los Angeles natives looking to make your move out of Los Angeles, you need to hire a professional transport company for your belongings and your car. You can reach out to these companies to get a quote and find your way out of Los Angeles if you feel you need to do that.


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