SPRYNG Calf Wrap- A Tech-Laced Compression Wear for Speeding up Workout Recovery

SPRYNG Calf Wrap

According to a study of Orthopedic and Sports physical therapy, when the muscle is constantly under stress due to exercise, it releases the creatine kinase, a precursor of muscle damage. 

Under stress, the muscle also releases lactic acid and cortisol, which contributes to the swelling and soreness of the affected area. That is why runners and athletes use active compression therapy such as SPRYNG calf wrap that reduces soreness and swelling on the affected area by improving circulation. 

It features a graduated and pulsatile compression pattern and 3 intensity levels. In this article, we rounded up some powerful benefits of wearing calf compression sleeves. 

1.Provide pressure and support 

Wearing calf compression sleeves will help your calves and legs fresh after training and running. It boosts circulation in the legs and relieves tired and achy legs by flushing out lactic acid. 

2.Injury prevention 

According to the SPRYNG reviews, they are beneficial for preventing calf cramps and strains. These calf compression sleeves will help you support the weaker areas or ease pain after exercise. 

These sleeves will help you reduce injuries by helping you recover faster.. They come with a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry during your recovery session. 

While keeping you feel more muscular and your legs fresh for longer, the compression sleeve can help you decrease muscle fatigue. 

Wearing a calf compression wrap, you can prevent some muscle damage, save the body energy and ensure there is an optimum blood flow that aids inflammation and swelling. 

3.The ultimate calf compression wrap 

If you want to add on to your gear for a triathlon competition, SPRYNG calf wrap will be the correct answer. You can wear these calf wraps over your running thighs, cycling gear and even over your wetsuit soon after your race. 


When you wear SPRYNG calf compression sleeves after a heavy training session for a minimum of 15 minutes it will improve your recovery time.

What is the best time to wear calf compression sleeves? 

The best time to wear a calf compression sleeve is after a heavy workout.

Wrapping up 

So if you are looking to use the product exclusively for recovery, we recommend you go with a SPRYNG calf wrap. These compression calf sleeves are designed to reduce recovery time and improve overall performance. 


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