Speaker Covers – The Necessity It Holds In Modern Times


Also known as speaker grille, the speaker cover is mainly found in front of most of the industrial and consumer loudspeakers, which will either have a hard or a soft screen mounted over the face of the speaker’s driver directly.  The main purpose over here is to protect the element of the driver and the speaker internals, mainly along with the other audio components, from any foreign objects while allowing the sound to pass clearly. However, as this product sits in the direct path of the driver, the grille might end up interacting with the produced sound. One major and suitable compromise between the sound quality and product must truly be based on the application of the speaker. Lets have a glance at the necessity of the speaker covers in the modern times.

Going in with the soft covers:

The soft grills or the speaker covers are made using some of the well suited cloth, foam, stitching, weaving and fabric upholsteries. You can find the use of similar other materials when it comes covers for your speakers.

  • Generally speaking, the soft covers will impose very little resistance on the driver of the speaker as the material is able to move synchronously with the sound waves produced by the speaker.
  • As the cover is able to absorb the vibration, the softer grilles are less prone to any of the rattling except at some of the higher sound pressure levels produced. 
  • The softer grilles will offer the protection from any of the light in weight and small objects. Moreover, some of them are even known to be water resistant to some degree. These options can be susceptible to getting torn or even stretched out enough to reach driver.

Protecting the speakers from dust and dirt:

If you are planning to use speakers on a daily basis, then you have probably invested money on the best speaker available in the market. In case you always have parties taking place in the backyard a well, then you might sometimes take the big speaker out in the patio for some music and dancing. Whether using the speaker inside of the house or outside, chances are high that dust and dirt will start to accumulate right from the first place when you took the speaker out from its case.

So, keeping it clean and well maintained is you duty. Too much dust or any foreign particles might interfere with the smooth performance of the speaker. So, to avoid all of that, it is mandatory to invest some more bucks and get the top-notch quality cover for the machine. You have options when it comes to the fabric materials. So, check out the possible options and make way for the best covers for your speakers.

Don’t forget to interact with the manufacturers:

Before making the final purchase, be sure to have a decent chat with the manufacturing team. As they are selling covers for speakers for a long time, they know what you are up to and will offer you with the same fabric material for covering your speakers.


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