Southeast Motorcycle Road Trips from Atlanta

Motorcycle Road Trips

Exploring the Southeast region of the country is an adventure many of us wish to experience. Perhaps no other mode of transportation offers the best way to view this part of the country than a motorcycle. There are many routes you can take and much to see along the way for a motorcycle road trip. It is also important to keep the number of your Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer handy if you fall victim to an accident along the way. 

Keep the following scenic views and important details in mind before you begin your motorcycle road trip across the Southeast Motorcycle Road. 

Be Prepared for Accidents

Motorcycles have long been the complaint of many motorists. Despite these complaints, responsible motorcycle drivers have legal rights to travel down our nation’s highways just like any other automobile. While traveling down quiet country rides in the Southeast, be sure to be alert for any incidents that could cause an accident. The other party’s accident attorney will come after you hard simply for being on a motorcycle, so be prepared to have a good defense team. 

Always contact an accident lawyer if you are involved in a motorcycle accident, even if the accident occurs out of state. An accident attorney can guide you on the next steps to take regarding legal issues and represent you in case there are any further escalations that stem from the accident. Accidents are unpredictable, therefore, it is always best practice to have an accident attorney on standby to help you through the process, especially if you are injured. 

Of course, the best way to avoid motorcycle accidents is to exercise caution on the highways. 4,985 motorcyclists were killed in road accidents in 2018 alone, therefore, it is crucial to always wear a helmet and keep a proper distance between vehicles. With those important details in mind, consider some of these routes when you take your road trip. 

Atlanta to Daytona Beach, Florida

This route will allow you to see some of the most pristine Georgia wilderness as you wind down towards Jackson, past Macon, and on route to the lush greenery of the Jacksonville, Florida area. Once you arrive in Daytona Beach, the difference in the landscape will be like night and day. 

Atlanta to Hendersonville, North Carolina

Once you pass out of the city skylines of Atlanta, you will pass many beautiful sites of Georgian countryside. Be sure to stop in at the Creature Comforts Brewery to sample some of the famous beer and country cuisines in Athens, GA. Once you cross over into South Carolina and eventually North Carolina, the landscape views will change from green fields to hills and mountains.

Atlanta to New Orleans, Louisiana

Taking a road trip from Atlanta to New Orleans is one of the most popular motorcycle trips to take. This is due to the easy route and the chance to see the beaches of the Gulf Coast along your way. Consider taking a detour and stopping by Mobile, Alabama on your way to the Big Easy. This small and beachfront city is considered to be a smaller and less hectic version of New Orleans. 

Atlanta to Nashville, Tennessee 

If you just want to keep your trip a bit on the short side, riding from Atlanta to Nashville is one of the quickest motorcycle road trips you can take in the Southeast. There won’t be much change in scenery, but this offers a great excuse to put your motorcycle to good use. Be sure to stop in Chattanooga for some good food and popular tourist destinations.


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