Sonic the Hedgehog Release Date Updated by Director

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

Sonic the Hedgehog movie remained in the news this month just after its first trailer hit the web on 1st May. Actually, when the players of Sonic The Hedgehog movie watched this trailer, they disappointed from its design. As the main character –Sonic is getting a new redesign; therefore, its movie release date is pushed from November 2019 to 2020. Let’s get more details.

Sonic the Hedgehog movie is based on the video game of the same name. This blue hedgehog has sonic speed and is quite popular among gamers. Therefore, they have a certain expectation from the character appearance and role. On 1st May, the first trailer of Sonic –The Hedgehog movie surfaced on Youtube.

When players watched the trailer, they liked everything about this movie except the design of Sonic the Hedgehog. They started criticizing the design over many social media, especially Twitter. The Director of the film, Jeff Fowler, took this criticism seriously. People were not happy about Sonic with teeth. Therefore the Director decided to redesign the character.

When fans of Sonic the hedgehog came to know that the Director met their demands, they thanked him by saying that he was doing the right thing.

As the leading character of the film is getting a new design, so it is not possible to release the movie in November 2019. So, when this movie is coming to cinemas?

We already shared details about Sonic Cast and plot. You can check them here.

Sonic-The Hedgehog  Release Date Updated

As the Director has to deal with a new look of Sonic, therefore you have to wait a little longer than seven months to watch this movie. Sonic the Hedgehog new release date is 14 February 2020. This super-sonic character is coming to bring some fun into your life on Valentine’s day.



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