Solar Eclipse 2020 Reflected a “Ring of Fire” of Annular Eclipse

solar eclipse

The stargazers saw the annular solar eclipse from parts of Asia, Australia, and Europe. It looked like a ring-shaped fire and was called a “rare view”. The occurrence of a solar eclipse takes place when the moon obscures the sun. It comes in the middle of the earth and the sun. That’s the time when the moon obstructs the sunlight from coming to the earth. Then the moon shadows the sunlight.

Solar eclipse classification

There are three kinds of solar eclipse:

Total eclipse of the sun

It occurs when the earth, moon, and sun come in a straight line. The event can be observed from earth but only from a few places.

Partial eclipse of the sun

It is visible when the earth, moon, and sun don’t align on a direct line.

Annular eclipse

The third classification of the eclipse of the sun is called an annular eclipse. The singular event of June 21 is the same as this type. NASA blog reported that the distance between the Earth and moon becomes most when this type of eclipse occurs. So when the moon goes very far from earth, it appears small. Then the moon does not obstruct the light of the sun fully. It appears to be like a black disk when the moon comes ahead of the sun. Moreover, the view looks like a ring-shaped fire which seems like a large dark disc.

How to watch the solar eclipse now?

The solar eclipse was seen from parts of Asia, Australia, and Europe. As it was night time in the US, the country couldn’t witness the eclipse. However, if you want to watch how the eclipse looked like you can check out the video below:

NASA shared the annular eclipse live, giving you an insight into how beautiful the correlation of the sun and moon looked from the earth.


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