Reasons You Can’t Ignore the Significance of Video Production for Your Overall Marketing

Video Production for Your Overall Marketing

The rules of the marketing game are being upended at a rapid pace nowadays. Digital media platforms have taken over as the primary means of reaching out to prospective customers. If your marketing strategy doesn’t contain a push via such digital channels as social media and apps, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. Find the reasons that you can’t ignore the Significance of Video Production for your overall marketing.

The significance of Video Production is the part of regular TV and digital marketing. An Australian company cannot ignore its importance, given that internet penetration in the country was at 88% in January 2020. The same period saw 18 million social media users. The nation also had 32.89 million mobile connections, and 55% of people have at least one streaming service subscription.

Such a broad canvass to paint a brand’s name on can’t be ignored. Agencies like Monster & Bear Video Production Australia understand this need for a video marketing push. They work with brands towards realizing their video marketing goals.

Sewing Video into Your Marketing Strategy Fabric

The rise of internet speeds has allowed for video to play on even the most basic smartphones. Advancements are only making it easier to produce and distribute videos widely. This convenience and demand drive agencies like Monster & Bear Video Production Australia to prominence in every type of brand’s marketing efforts.

Customer Demand

The proliferation of technologies like smartphones and smart TVs has changed the ways people consume a brand’s marketing efforts. A survey found that 54% of the respondents viewed videos as a must for brands to connect with them. Techniques like embedding video adverts into other apps are also helping to push this demand.

A survey also showed that video-based marketing cuts across generations. The Significance of Video Production is now the most consistent and sustainable means of advertising and not just in the digital realm. It is the one type of media format that is guaranteed to grow in the coming years.

Wide Horizons

Video is a universal format that appeals to everyone. It’s why sites like Youtube are the successes they are today. An enthralling video can travel far and wide, taking the message of your brand along with it. Social media makes it very easy to share it in a chain-reaction manner.

Not only does it travel far, but it also travels deep into the minds of people. We are drawn naturally to moving visuals and tend to remember them longer than simple text. This quality is very beneficial for brands as it ensures the retention of the message.

Explosion of Creativity

A picture is said to speak 1000 words, and it can only depict a single moment. A video lets you run many such images continuously, and each can contain a different set of colors, objects, and everything else. The creative space provided by video is unparalleled.

Brands vary by industry and vision. Thus, their marketing videos should be adaptable to suit each one’s specific needs. The creative space offered by videos has led to the emergence of these types, each suited to a different strategy:

  • Demo Videos: which showcase how a product works.
  • Brand Videos: showcase a brand’s vision, mission, etc., and help introduce and build awareness about it.
  • Event Videos: explain what a particular event is all about, and introduce the people in it.
  • Expert Interviews: meant to spread awareness about a product or anything of consequence by granting it legitimacy via an authority. It helps to build trust.
  • How-To/Educational Videos: designed to give the audience fundamental knowledge about your business/solutions.
  • Explainer Videos: They dive in-depth into a product and explain to the audience how to best use them.
  • Case Study/Testimonial Videos: Meant to build trust in an audience about the business and its solutions via real people’s experience of using them.
  • Live Videos: Broadcasting an event directly to an audience to let them experience the solutions in real-time.
  • Documentary Videos: Show behind-the-scenes views of a company’s functioning and its production methods. It can also introduce the people behind the project. Such showcasing helps the audience connect with the brand on a more personal level.

Companies can mix and match the various styles and customize every element in them to suit their needs.

Great ROI

While the initial cost of video production could be high, the return it gives makes it worthwhile. You only need to produce it once and distribute it. The snowball effect will take over, and you need to sit back and enjoy the returns.

Conversion rates for landing pages with videos in them can be 80% higher than for those without. Such returns translate to profitable ROI ratios for any business.

The need to incorporate video to make your marketing strategy effective will only increase going ahead. Enlisting the help of producers like Monster & Bear Video Production is a must to make that strategy successful.


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