Showrunners Teases Potential Romance Between Michonne And Ezekiel In Walking Dead Season 10!

Showrunners Teases Potential Romance Between Michonne And Ezekiel In Walking Dead Season 10!

Walking Dead Season 10

Walking Dead Season 10 bringing some close relationship between Ezekiel Khary Payton who is working as Ezekiel and Michonne working as Michonne. It just uncovers some romantic status between these two in this season.

At the moment of some interview, media spotted Angela Kang while saying that the released trailer highlights the romance of the couple which is not just flashback, impressions, or imaginings. You will see both the characters give respect and grace to each other and expressing some good feelings too.

However, you will also see the Carol had dating with Ezekiel. And their relationship come to an end after the death of their son “Henry”. But fans always like the relationship between Carol and Daryl from many seasons of Walking Dead. Because they love to see them together.

Talking on the Talking Dead’s Season ten preview special, Khary discovered that it for sure wasn’t romantic as a result of he is aware of Danai too well to induce into it.

Khary ‘truly kissed Danai on the lips double, it absolutely was largely simply upper nose. We have got a brotherly-sisterly relationship for this factor. Michonne’s exit can escort ‘huge consequences’.

It was simply terribly embarrassing, such a lot of times. In fact, Michonne’s departure the show has already ensured to own ‘dire consequences’ for the survivors of the series. The Ezekiel and Michonne reveal come back following the announcement that Danai can exit the show as Michonne this season.

Speaking recently concerning her exit, Angela additionally told viewers that “We’ll additionally get to showcase smart, old fashioned Michonne being a badass killer.”

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