Shadow Fight Mod 2 APK Download Latest Version 2021

Shadow Fight Mod 2 APK

The ancient Japanese fighting technique with various types of swords indeed attracts anyone. Due to its immense popularity, we find many games, movies, TV serial, documentaries, etc., in this arena. So, do you want to fight like those Japanese fighters? Of course, you can’t get that flavor at the bare hand, and it is definitely dangerous if you try with the real material. But, don’t worry; Nekki developed the Shadow Fight game based on the Japanese fighting technique. Hence, you can enjoy that fight in the virtual world. Nikki released the first version of Shadow First in 2015, and now the second version is available in the market. Interestingly, the process of shadow fight mod 2 APK download is easy and less time-consuming.

The following section reveals all those easy hacks of installing this game on Smartphone’s and PC.

A short description of Shadow Fight Mod 2 APK


Name: Shadow Fight 2 Mod
Current Version 2.13.0
Requires Android 3.0 and up
App Size 88.2 MB
Last Update 19 May 2021

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Features of Shadow Fight Mod 2 APK

Shadow Fight Mod 2 APK made a room in the million-time downloads list. So, what may be the trigger behind such popularity of this game? Unlike our other reviews, we are here to reveal all the triggers behind the scene.

Shadow Fight Mod 2 APK version

  • Epic combat sequence

In-game, you have to go through a lifelike epic combat sequence. Moreover, the animation is really awesome, and in every step, you have to meet a new opponent with different fighting skills.

Notably, you need to travel six different worlds to meet new demons.

  • Intuitive Control

You will get delightful, intuitive controls to stand against your opponents. Interestingly, the controlling system is touchscreen-friendly. So you can easily show your different fighting skills to your opponents using those controls.

  • Blissful graphics

Every new stage comes with a different background image. Hence, that gives you the flavor of fighting in a different situation like in the desert, forest, etc.

  • Customizable 

A character named shadow represents you in-game. You can show your fighting skill using a sword, armor suit, magical power, and nunchacku through shadow. You don’t need to follow one fighting skill along with the same sword continuously; instead, the developer allows customize option.

  • Get Unlimited Gems and coins

We mentioned that the game opens the customizable option herein. When you want to bring change in any skill, you need gems and coins. Interestingly, you can make the unlimited gems and coins collection easy.

  • Getting unlimited access

The game allows access to all hidden features even though you think the game is hard.

  • Daily Updates

After installing Shadow Fight 2, you will get daily updates. Don’t worry and you will get interesting hacks through the update.

  • Receive free energy

In-game, you may have worry about the energy. Don’t worry; you can get free unlimited energy after installing the Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK.

  • What’s new in the updated APK

The developer updated this popular game on May 19, 2021. Now, let’s see what new things come with this new update.

  • You will find the armor of level 34 is repaired.
  • A change took place in roulette rewards.
  • The balance associated with raids is changed.
  • What bugs you find at previous all are fixed in this update.
  • The developer updated the current protection.

How to download and install the Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK?

Like other APK download systems, you won’t face any complexity in installing Shadow Fight 2 APK. However, in the following section, you will find some easy steps which will help you in installing this game easily on your Smartphone. So, let’s check out what steps are waiting for you to help in installing.

  • Searching the app

You will find many third-party websites to download this game. The download and install process is slightly different from the play store. Here you need to download the APK file at first in a folder. Then, you need to find out that file.

Shadow Fight Mod 2 APK new


  • Unknown source issue

For safety, the Smartphone typically retard the user to install the app from an unknown source. Although it is a default option, you can change the settings and give permission to install. To change the settings, you need to follow the following steps.

Note: This step is required when you download the game from a third-party site. 

  • Firstly, navigate to the Settings option, then locate and click on Security.
  • Now, a section named “installing files from unknown sources” will visible to you.
  • Once you find it, you need to give permission to download files from an unknown source.
  • Download the app

Once you settle the unknown source-related issue, you need to return to the folder where the downloaded file is stored.

Now, tap on the file, and then an install option will visualize. So, tap on that install button and follow the instruction to finish the steps. The installation process will take some time, depending on your device’s specification. So, wait with patience to complete the process.

After finishing the installation process, you will see two options DONE or OPEN. If you don’t want to play instantly, you need to click on the DONE option. Thus you can install Shadow Fight 2 APK on your device.

  • Play the game

After install successfully, you need to return to your device’s main screen. Here you will find the Shadow Fight 2’s icon. So, click on that icon and enjoy all the exciting features.

Note: You may see an installation error message if you have the older version. So, to get rid of it, you need to replace the older one with the new one. 

The solution of “APP NOT INSTALLED” Error

The “APP NOT INSTALLED” error is a common phenomenon among Smartphone users. Multiple reasons are liable for this issue. However, don’t need to be worried; instead, troubleshooting this error is easy. Here are the simple and easy steps to fix that error problem.

  • First Solution: Restart the device:

Some residual caches are liable behind the APP NOT INSTALLED Error. If you face such a problem, you need to reboot your device and install the app again.

Replace the older version with the latest one

If the first step can’t solve out the error, you need to follow the second one. That “APP NOT INSTALLED” error may arise if your device has the older version of Shadow Fight 2. So, navigate the apps manager to uninstall the older version and then install the new one.

Final Words

Hopefully, you feel excited to get this latest version of Shadow Fight 2 on your device. However, it doesn’t matter whether you are new to this game or play the previous version; we hope you will enjoy all those features.

By the way, we tried to clarify all the hacks behind the shadow fight 2 mod APK download. So, don’t make it late; rather follow our mentioned instructions and start showing your fighting skills in-game.


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