Set Up a Kiosk That Will Draw Attention


Many companies like to take advantage of appearing at trade shows or setting up a kiosk in a mall court to give them higher visibility and draw in potential customers. There are a few things that can be included in your display to make it more attractive and helpful for passers-by.


Make sure that your booth or kiosk setup includes a prominent sign that clearly explains the company name and what you sell. It should be easy for your prospective customers to see what your product is at a glance. Make signs large enough to be read easily and colorful enough to catch attention. The Navori digital signage software platform may be especially helpful in building the design for your signs.


You may wish to have spotlights, strings of chasing lights or other lighting effects to help draw attention and bring people to your kiosk. Even something as subtle as under-table lighting can add a special effect that can do the trick.


Don’t hesitate to bring a sound system to play some sound effects or music that will encourage people to come and see what the fun is about. Choose something upbeat and current if playing music, preferably instrumental. Getting them to visit your booth is half the battle


Make sure to have some well-designed brochures or flyers printed to further explain to potential buyers what your product or service is all about. Include your logo and company name, location address, or if it is an online product, make sure to include an easily readable website URL. Include a phone number where they can contact someone relevant as well.


Just like a favor at a birthday party, offering a free takeaway item for your kiosk visitors promotes goodwill. And, if you are clever enough to customize the item with your company name, it also provides a reminder that could potentially interest a customer in following through and contacting your company.

Sign-ups and Entries

Another effective method of gaining a second point of contact is to have a sign-up sheet where someone can enter their email address in order to receive a newsletter or special offer. Likewise, you may capture their email address by having them enter a drawing for a prize of some kind. Make sure to include a box they can check if they do not want their email address added to the newsletter mailings.

A kiosk or booth is only as effective as you make it, so take advantage of these ideas to make the most of the opportunity. The only element still needed will be a friendly smile and caring personality.


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