Senior Dating Sites – AARP Date Reviews from 2019


Who would have thought that the AARP has more perks than just having services and benefits for seniors to include a dating website? Well, it’s completely true. And believe it or not, the AARP tried the online dating platform, then just realized that making a social network was actually better for their business. But since then, seniors who are interested in senior dating sites can go to the AARP and the AARP date reviews from 2019 actually show that the website is still used by some seniors to find that perfect companion.

What Are People Saying About AARP Dating?

More than anything, the non-profit organization’s site offers seniors a sort of senior version of Facebook, but with extra perks on this webpage. This doesn’t mean that you have to use the website for dating only, as they also have world news, events, and you can even look at the options that you have for finding people with similar interests for dating. However, the site can be somewhat extensive in having features that if you’re just on there to use it as a dating site, then you may not want to join because some of the information may be irrelevant to you.

What Do They Offer?

For a good low price (probably one of the best compared to actual dating sites), they actually allow you to connect with like-minded individuals and be able to mingle online with other seniors. There have been some success stories, but definitely not as much from sites like eHarmony and

That being said though, the AARP website is definitely recommended for seniors to hop on board, because of the many benefits you do have. They also offer extensive identity verification, as well as require you to be a member of the group. But what is best about them, is that the website is really dedicated to seniors. This means that if you’re under 50, you probably don’t want to join. Or honestly, if you’re a liberal person, you may want to realize that despite some users being liberals, there are more conservative elderly people on this site than anything.

Are there Better Websites Out There?

There are always numerous websites out there, but not that many which are strictly dedicated for seniors. However, one of the best ones we’ve found is the Senior Match. It’s literally been around for more than 18 years, and when you sign up it’s free. It uses top quality search results to find matches for you and helps you find a casual date, travel companion, or even a lifelong partner.

Life is short, and you shouldn’t have to live it alone no matter how old you are. You can opt into buying the gold membership which does have somewhat higher costs than the AARP, however, the benefits you get are so much better. It’s also partnered with other websites which are very popular and can give you more potential chances to connect with other people who fit your search results.


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