Samsung to Showcase Selfie Type: A New Way of Typing With Front Cameras!

Samsung to Showcase Selfie Type

On 30th December 2019, Samsung declared that it will be showcasing a decent variety of projects it has been working on from its C-Lab incubation program at CES 2020. one in all which includes the terribly distinctive and fascinating SelfieType project.

According to reports, the SelfieType project uses an AI algorithmic program and a front-facing camera to perform as a virtual keyboard. Moreover, it basically allows users to sort off-screen simply by using finger movements. On Samsung’s official web site, it states that “SelfieType needs no further hardware. And it’s extremely adjustable to varied mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.”

The statement indicates that the feature may probably conjointly work on smartphones, tablets, and laptops from alternative firms. Since the front camera becomes an integral part of the project. So, it’s possible that once the project completed and ready for industrial distribution. Samsung may sell this feature to alternative smartphone makers.

The ability to cast virtual keyboards on world surfaces has been well-liked in recent years and is turning into a lot of. Lenovo’s smart cast that followed an even conception. However, “Samsung’s SelfieType” needs no further hardware or projection of a keyboard. Thus, the algorithmic program should be sound lest it leads to inaccurate input or false readings from the users.

More Updates

Additionally, some of the alternative plans the South Korean technology giant is foretold to unveil along with Hyer smart highlighter. It functions nearly like Google Lens however with a highlighter rather than a smartphone camera.

Moreover, the company conjointly can showcase a window-shaped device. It delivers artificial daylight, with an ultraviolet detector and monitoring tool. Lastly, it is also speculating that Samsung can announce the Galaxy S10 lite and Galaxy Note 10 lite at CES 2020.


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