Sailor Survived In The Pacific Ocean For 14 Hours By Holding On A Buoy

Sailor Survived In The Pacific Ocean For 14 Hours By Holding On a Buoy

After falling off from a supply ship at 4 am, a sailor survived in the Pacific Ocean for 14 hours. The man was clinging to a traditional style fishing buoy for so many hours before his rescue. Plus, he was alone in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and was not even wearing a lifejacket. Soon, he decides to start swimming towards a black object near the horizon. This prompt decision ultimately became his lifesaver.

Vidam Perevetilov was the chief engineer present on the Silver Supporter. After his amazing survival stunt, the rescue team finally becomes successful in hauling him back on board. The incident took place on February 16, 2021. His freighter planned to make a supply run between the Tauranga Port in New Zealand and the Pitcairn Port in the British territory.

After the rescue operation was successful, Vidam narrated the whole incident to his family. Later, his son reveals that his father was feeling sick after the end of a night shift. So, he wanted to take a break on the deck when he somehow fell into the ocean. Perevetilov’s son also reveals that his father does not remember how he fell off. Maybe, he lost his consciousness and then tipped off into the water somehow.

The surprising way in which the sailor survived in the Pacific Ocean

The sailor reveals that he gained consciousness only to see that his ship was sailing away in the dark. Besides, the crew did not even realize that he was missing for the next six hours. After the ship started announcing a distress call, the French navy aircraft joined in from Polynesia soon. On the other hand, the metrological department of France immediately starts examining the currents and winds to find out probable drifting patterns.

The crew was easily able to determine that Perevetilov was on board around 4 am. It is because there was a log report of that time with his signatures on it. When the sailor fell into the ocean, the ship was around approximately 400 nautical miles southwards of the Austral Islands. It is the southernmost part of the French Polynesian territory.

It is surprising how the sailor survived in the Pacific Ocean for 14 hours. However, the 52-year old sailor decided to start swimming at dawn, which ultimately saved his life. His will to survive was commendable, and that is what turned his struggle into success finally. When he came out of the water with the help of the rescue team, he was tired but unhurt.

Everyone feared the worst, considering the mighty ocean and the current. However, this incident has become one of the best survival stories to date. Later, the sailor’s son Marat reveals that his father did not want to keep the buoy as a souvenir. It is because he feels that the same object may become a lifesaver for someone else later.


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