Rush Hour 4: Trailer, Release date And More Information!

Jackie Chan's Rush Hour 4 is coming in next year have more information about the movie.

Rush Hour 4

The most fabulous, experienced and high ranked Jackie Chan’s Rush Hour 4 is a sequel to the Rush Hour. This is an American comedy with action and fight movie that got fame from her first season in 1998.

All three season of the series revolves around the two police detectives. Both are trying to figure out the crimes and unlawful activities around their allotted areas. Jackie Chan is playing a role in the film of a Police Chief Inspector named as Lee in Hong Kong.

On the other hand, Chris Trucker playing the role of LAPD Detective named as James Carter in Los Angeles. Both of the detectives go for the misfortunes and investigate the matters of crimes in a very different style.

Their style of investigation includes humorous and action all together. They find out the fraudulent with more chase and shadow. They have their own and unique techniques to detects the scams and swindles with the versatile process. People love to watch their roles.

Both are playing their responsibilities in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Viewers like Rush Hour 4 Cast in their style of acting and having a lot more laugh. Now after the most loving season 1 to 3 the fans want more. When they have finished the previous one then hoping for the upcoming one.

Now all the fans are greatly waiting for season 4 to have some comical action of both Lee and James. You can easily make an idea about the familiarity of the movie as the movie budget is $35 million and it secured at box office 244.4 million USD.

Director: Brett Ratner

Star Cast: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker

Release Date: August 2020


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