Roundabout car accidents are on the rise – How to prevent them 

Roundabout car accidents

A roundabout is also called a traffic circle and it is a well-designed intersection in the form of a circle that is created to improve the traffic flow. Vehicle drivers are supposed to drive around the center island in an anti-clockwise direction and exit to the road they desire. They can turn right or left, or go straight, or even make a U-turn. Such intersections are done in order to maintain a smooth flow of traffic, minimize congestion, and prevent Roundabout car accidents-

Car accidents can still take place at Roundabout car accidents

Though roundabouts have been created to reduce the total number of car accidents, it doesn’t totally negate the chances of car crashes. You ask a Las Vegas car accident lawyer and he’ll tell you how many roundabout accident cases he gets in a year. 

It is unfortunate to note that there are several drivers who are still not sure about how to drive in a roundabout and as a result of this, they disobey the traffic rules. During a roundabout accident, it gets difficult to understand which party is at fault. 

If you sustain serious injuries in a roundabout accident, you should immediately get medical help and then seek the help of an experienced car accident attorney. 

What makes roundabouts safe?

As per recent intersections, there is a 38% reduction in vehicle accidents in roundabouts and an 80% decrease in the number of injuries. However, studies reveal that roundabouts have several safety factors like:

  • Excludes the chance of drivers speeding to cross a changing traffic signal.
  • Fewer points of conflict between vehicles.
  • Eliminates blind spots and obstructions.
  • Increased visibility
  • Eases off congestion of traffic.
  • Better visibility
  • A better capacity of vehicles by 30-50%
  • Reduces the chance of T-bone and head-on accidents.
  • Diminished speed of vehicles.

Rules of driving on a roundabout

Although roundabouts have been there for several decades in Europe, they’re pretty new in the US. This is the reason why US auto drivers are still not sure about how to drive on a roundabout. Here are a few basic rules of driving carefully on a roundabout

  • Drive slowly when you move nearer the roundabout
  • Make sure you yield to approaching traffic before getting closer to a roundabout
  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Utilize your signal in a similar way to a conventional intersection
  • According to the direction you’re driving, move to the right lane when driving in a multi-lane roundabout
  • Select the right lane before you enter the roundabout. Choose the right lane if you have to turn right, the left if you have to turn left, straight, and U-turn
  • Don’t stop while riding on a roundabout
  • Use the turning signal while exiting the roundabout
  • Stay inside the lane until you choose to move out of it

So, while driving on a roundabout, make sure you always abide by the traffic and driving rules. Despite that, if you get involved in an accident, it becomes simpler to understand who’s at fault. 


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