Romance is a Bonus Book season 2 Cast, Trailer, Release Date & Trailer

Romance is a Bonus Book season 2

Netflix projects have got popularity and made a multi-billion dollar project.

Moreover, Netflix is producing many South Korean drama series. You can see a high revenue category of Korean Dramas on Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video.

In their brilliant Korean titles, Romance is a Bonus Book is also included.Let’s Talk about Romance is a Bonus Book season 2 Cast, Trailer, Release Date, and Trailer.

Plot of Romance is a Bonus Book Season

Cha Eun Ho is the main character who is a successful author as well as editor in the book publishing company. Meanwhile, Kang Dan is a former advertising executive. Once Kang Dan saved Cha Eun from an accident and but injured self.

Therefore, Cha Eun takes care of her, and they made close friends. Moreover, they more attach when Kang Dan goes through some life changes and enter the professional world. They both face professional as well as personal challenges. At that time, they both feel that they have a special feeling for each other.

People want to know what is coming in Season 2. Therefore, it is expecting that both leading characters will be return in season 2.

Release Date of Romance is a Bonus Book Season 2

Romance is a Bonus Book is a South Korean Television series. TVN aired its first season on 26 January to 19 March 2019. The first season contains 16 episodes. Meanwhile, Romance is a Bonus Book season 2 is not cleared yet, but it will be in early 2020.

Cast Stars: Lee Jong Suk, Lee Na-Young, Wi Ha-Joon, Jung Yoo-jin

If you love Korean drama series or slightly familiar with K-drama, then you can recognize the lead characters. Lee Jong Suk also plays the role of in prolific actor of school 2013. While Lee Na Young appeared in the ruler of your own world.

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Trailer of Romance is a Bonus Book
We know, you are not desperately waiting for upcoming season updates. We will update the official new announcement regarding the next season. Meanwhile, you can see the first season online on Netflix. Click on the link and saw the trailer.


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