Robozuna Season 3: Trailer + Spoilers

Robozuna Season 3

Gone are the days when only Pixel, Fox or Disney would produce all-time hit animated cartoons like Lion King, Frozen or The Jungle Book for Netflix has also plunged in and, let us dare say, is producing much better in quality.

Shaun the Sheep is the biggest example we can take in this particular case scenario. It turned out to be a blockbuster until now as the streaming channel has decided to make the third sequel of Robozuna, an utterly modern time fairy tale.

Robozuna Plot:

The protagonist is a little orphan boy having a knack for robots and has made his very own customized robot. With the help of his robot friend, both want to save their land from the tyrannical regime with its army of a handful of evil robots.

Now, the theme of this movie is quite political and similar to that of Star Wars. As in Star Wars, we can see some heroic human beings trying to save the word from the barbarism of mean robots who have taken over Earth. Also, The BotMaster in Star Wars was a boy having a robot friend in an industrialized future world having fast-track robots.

These series are first of its kind which Netflix is investing billions of dollars on.

Episode Guide: 10 episodes in total, each having 22 minutes long.

Star Cast: Morwenna Banks as Danuvia, Hannah Arterton, Larissa Murray as Feronia, Taylor Clarke-Hill as Ariston, Tom Clarke-Hill as Mangle

Release Date: Sometime in October or November of 2019



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