Robot Chicken’s Upcoming Season will be Divided into Two Segments with 10 Episodes in Each!

Robot Chicken

Seth Green Break the News that Robot Chicken Season 10 will have 20 Episodes but will be Divided into Two Segments, Respectively!

Well, it seems like there will be two more seasons of Robot Chicken, Season 10, and Season 11, respectively.

Seth Green in one of his interviews revealed that Robot Chicken will have 20 more episodes but divided into segments.

As per the news, 10 Episodes of the upcoming Season of Robot Chicken will release in October 2019. Whereas, post 10 episodes will air by the end of 2020.

Hence, the whole story of the upcoming season of the Robot Chicken will reach completion after a year. So, we will have to wait for a year to catch the whole story.

The two chunks containing 20 episodes of the Robot Chicken Season 10 (or maybe it will suit better to call these as Season 10, and Season 11, respectively) will surely hype the intensity among fans.

Moreover, after these 20 episodes hit the screens, the series will complete its 200 episodes. 

Yeah, it is pretty insane that we have spent almost 10 years of lives watching this freaky animated series which remarkably mesmerized us.

Don’t forget to catch the Robot Chicken Season 10 releasing this October.

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