Rihanna Accused of Culture Appropriation after unlocking her Harper’s Bazaar China Cover Page


Last day, I shared pictures of Rihanna’s Cover photos for Harber’s Bazaar China for August 2019 issue. As soon as this cover photo went public, people took it to Twitter and started accusing Rihanna of Culture Appropriation.

The 31-year-old world’s richest singer shared a few photos of her photo shoot for the Magazine. For Cover photo, she wore a vibrant blue gown that is beautifully pleated. She tied a bright red sash at her waist. This fashion diva demonstrated traditional Chinese style and culture in that photo. Her lips painted in red only in the center while her brows also got red hue.

Harper’s Bazaar China also posted photo shoot picture on its Instagram account and unlocked the main theme and idea behind the cover was to demonstrate how a “Western style icon meets Eastern aesthetic”.

In those photos, Fenty owner appeared in different looks that has a deep reference to Chinese culture. Last day, I shared an image where model’s manicure and hairstyle featured lotus flowers, dragonflies, fans and shih tzu dog.

Even though the magazine revealed the main idea behind all those photo but still many people got angry and #badgalriri accused of cultural appropriation.

One twitter user wote : “So nodoby gunna call Rihanna out for cultural appropriation…hmm I see [sic].”

Even another user didn’t  only accused Riri, but also dragged Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner into this debate. Jenner accused of cultural appropriation when she wore a hairstyle looks alike to an afro. On the other hand, the 38-year-old Keeping up with Kardashian star accused of Cultural appropriation due to her new shape-wear line which got the name “Kimono”.

“As much as I love Rihanna how is this not deemed as cultural appropriation?” one person asked.

“Why is Kim not allowed to call her brand Kimono cos it’s cultural appropriation yet Rihanna can do s*** like this?? Just doesn’t sit right with me,” one person tweeted.

Another agreed, adding: “Wait a minute when Kendal Jenner was on the cover of a magazine with an ‘afro’ people were screaming cultural appropriation but when Rihanna dresses up like this, nobody says anything, it’s art, it’s glam.”

Although that photo shoot received critical remarks but there were many who explain those images and defended their favorite musician.

A user wrote “It is so interesting how people have been impulsively calling Rihanna’s photo shoot in Harper’s Bazaar China as ‘cultural appropriation’ when the entire creative team consists of Chinese artists.”

I think a global icon like Rihanna can depict multiple cultures at the same time and there is nothing wrong with it. What do you say?



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