Reality Behind Rumors of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Marriage

Kylie Jenner

Before Kylie and Travis’s scot went for vacation, we started hearing rumors that the couple is getting married. The root of this rumor was a white gown which Kylie bought. Everyone got suspicious and claimed that Kylie is planning to tie a knot with Travis on her Birthday. Let’s find out the reality behind those rumors.


Kylie celebrated her 22nd Birthday in a very lavish manner with her family, friends, Scott and daughter Stormi. Even after her birthday bash, she went for a luxury yacht trip. Rumors of her wedding with Travis Scott was nothing but a bold lie.

Although the couple has no plan for marriage at this moment, they are earnest about giving Stormi a sibling. And they will make a second baby before getting married. According to cosmetic mogul, she can have another kid with Travis without getting married. There is no need to celebrate a big day for this purpose.

As far as the long white feathery dress of Kylie is concerned, it wasn’t her wedding gown as suggested by the rumor mill. It was just a dress she wore after celebrating her 22nd Birthday on a luxurious private yacht she rented for $250.

According to a source, Kylie and Travis have no plans to get married. The self-made billionaire had an idea to do a big birthday bash. But her trip was nothing but a last-minute decision. She changed her mind because she wanted to do everything with Stormi.

Source revealed, “They both made it a point, of course, to be together to celebrate Kylie’s Birthday. She’s really enjoying this trip with her family and not thinking about a wedding. She knows she’s so young and still would like to have another baby and doesn’t need to be married to do that. The baby will still absolutely come first.”

“They’ve made it clear they’re committed to one another and pleased with what they have and where things are between them. Kylie is so focused on being a mom, and she takes Stormi everywhere with her. She has nannies, but doesn’t use them as much as people would think. She wants to do everything herself. She’s a fantastic mother,” source further added.


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