” Ready or Not ” Trailer Revealed of upcoming thriller movie

Ready or Not

A New thriller movie is coming soon. Here is the trailer of ” Ready or not” movie. Trailer is looking so cruel or interesting. Mysterious fans would love to watch it.

The trailer is describing the story of a beautiful bride. She sees some mysterious people in her husband’s family.  She captures a card for playing hide and seek. As she hides after that, she sees everyone is searching with the dangerous guns, knives, arrow, etc.

His husband advised her to stay hidden, stay quiet, and stay alive. So when she tries to run away, some try to kill her. However, she remains successful to run from here. Then the trailer shows, she will fight with them and try to save herself from evil.

It is an upcoming American mystery thriller movie. Matt Bettinelli Olpin and Tyler Gillett are the directors of the story.

The movie will release on 23 August 2019. Walt Disney Studios motion and Fox Searchlight Pictures are the producers of this mystery.

Ready or not, the movie follows the story of a young new bride. She joins her husband’s eccentric family for a time-honored tradition. The film takes a twist in night and games turns deadly. Everyone is fighting for their survival.

However, still, there is such a mystery that yet we don’t know. So wait till August when it will hit the screen.


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