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On Wednesday night, “Ray Donovan” actor Marion “Pooch” Hall was for felony child endangerment and DUI.

After supposedly allowing a drive to his 2-year-old son. Since he was too wasted to steer.

The sources of Law enforcement says TMZ, Hall, who plays Daryll. In Burbank, he was driving at about 7:30 PM. Thus, after looking at the little kid holding the steering wheel in his lap. They called 911.

Witnesses told us that it was terrible seeing the car veer off and crash into a parked car. However, fortunately, no injuries took place.

In fact, one of the witnesses said that the child was weeping in the front seat. While it was somewhere between the back seat junk. It was also not properly installed.

They also mentioned a strong alcohol odour, when police reached. Apart from this, Hall was even having difficulty in walking. Since his blood crossed the normal alcohol level, three times higher than the legal limit.

After this all, Hall was arrested and cuffed and sent to prison. There he stays on $100,000 bail. On the other hand, his son was given under his wife’s custody.

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