Queen Of The South Season 4: Episode 2 Updates!

Queen of The South releasing its second episode have more details about it.

Queen of the South Season 4

This show is highly underrated. Queen of the South Season 4 keeps your attention & leaves you wanting more. Season 4 just started. And now it is going to release its second episode. And this upcoming episode will release on 29th June 2019 and Titled as “Un Asunto De Familia”.

It is an amazing written show with a super cast of people. The show is more accurate and more of the Mexican culture mixed in obviously. Therefore, it’s simply just better in so many ways. It provides the scenes with good drama. However, it will keep you engaged throughout the whole episode.

They create drama where there is none. It is a continuous commercial selling a machine. This is the cartoon child version of Narcos. Narcos was fabulous for 2 seasons but the genre has run its course. I believe we are all tired of a snitch, crime drama on pointless and ridiculous drug wars. Save your time, energy and attention.

The drama that Teresa finds herself every five minutes gets a little old. You just know that a lot of the stuff that goes down is just very unrealistic. However, it’s worth watching with attention and open eyes here and there.

The next episode of The Queen Of The South can feature Mother Theresa creating one more deal to extend her business. Nevertheless, the deal won’t compute thanks to an area temperament that would be against Mother Theresa. Once he discovers that she is into importation hard drug. The trailer of the Queen Of The South episode 2 is below!


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