PUBG PC V/s PUBG PC Lite: Which Version is more impactful!!!

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PUBG PC is generally the foundation of the famous game as well as the most concerned version. Players really enjoy to play PUBG on PC but face some issues.

One of the fundamental reason is the requirements of the game. There is a need to too high demands for this game and a good internet connection to run the game perfectly.

Therefore, PUBG launched another lite version for both mobile and Pc players. PUBG PC Lite requires low demands, but with this version, the franchise is in imminent danger.

Let’s see some difference between them.

  1. PC Lite version has good graphics as compared to the emulator Pc version. The emulator is a pc version for mobile.

However, the pc lite brings a mixture of pc version and emulator that called PUBG PC Lite version. PUBG players prefer to play liter version if they face issues in original PUBG PC.

2. PUBG PC is purely a pc version game. Therefore, the lite version gives a massive advantage to run the game smoothly on mobile and PC both.

3. Lite version could easily play on low system requirements. The game requires low hardware that tends to run emulators. Meanwhile, the PC version requires the heavy device to run the game.

4. Emulators and PUBG PC are optimized and noticed that it has a lot of glitches and bugs. One of the major is emulator does not use GPU, and just CPU works to enhance the game performance that results in much input lag.

However, the advanced version has no such kind of issues and gives smooth gameplay as beta phase seemed pretty good.

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5. The best version PUBG PC lIte affects the sales of the original version. Because it is free while PUBG PC is available for 414 on stream, that’s why it downsizes the sales of the franchise.

As you know, it is one of the most played game sta this time. Therefore, the franchise wants to provide the best gameplay to users.


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