PUBG PC Lite: Major Problems and their Solution

pubg pc lite

As you know PUBGPC lite has launched and fans are losing their claim while playing it. Players of PUBG are facing many problems regarding the game. They were playing on the emulator before the launch.

However, still, there are many problems for new players. Lets’s have a look at it.

The first complaint is about the recoil in the guns. As fans know that’s not an easy task, but you can control it. For solving the problems your AR recoil and SMG’s weapons should be well equipped with compensator.

Many fans are facing difficulties in Vault and jump features. PUBG Mobile players can vault and jump together without any issue.

However, in PUBG PC Lite, it’s a difficult task. So there is a need to double press space near a window to vault from it. So must customize these features so you could able to play it easily.

Players are facing issues while aiming. There is a difference between AIM and ADS. If you enable the ADS with right-click, then you can quickly get AIM.

Moreover, in packet loss, a large number of interruptions are present that makes things worse in the game. So ask your service provider so that it could clear your internal cache to resolve this issue.

Well, I think, the game will get a big success in the upcoming days.



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