Pros and Cons of Playing Casino Games on Smartphones

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When you play at an online casino in Canada with real money, is it better to play on a mobile device or a PC? More people own a mobile device than a PC. As such, it is likely that you will play on a mobile phone than a PC or laptop. Today let us look at the pros and cons of playing casino games on your smartphone.

Pro: Play Anywhere

You can play your favourite casino games with your mobile device anywhere. Literally, you can play while on a train, while you are a passenger in a car or while simply waiting in the lobby. 

The beauty of a mobile device is that today, it is part of the human body. Nobody leaves the house without it. As such, you can access an online casino no matter where you go, for as long as there is internet access. 

There is no need to set up a mobile device like you would with a computer. You do not need a comfy chair and a table. You can play while lying on the sofa or even before you sleep.  

Pro: Personalized Experience

Mobile apps for casinos are like normal apps. They make your experience personalized. If you give access to the app, it will also remember your password or credentials. Not all casino apps do this, as some are much stricter when it comes to security. 

Because the app is on your phone, it does show you several games that you may like. Like most apps, a casino app has an algorithm that determines your style, gameplay, favourites, most played games, etc. 

With a mobile app, all it takes is one tap of the app, and it will launch the online casino for you. Without it, you have to launch a mobile browser, type the casino name in the URL bar and then wait for it to load. 

On a PC, you must access the casino through a browser. Since it is a browser, the casino site will show you its default settings. Most online casinos are not as sophisticated as YouTube, which knows what you want. As such, you will always have to search for that favourite slot or game of yours before you can play it.  

Pro: More Affordable Set-Up 

A mobile device is far more affordable than a computer. Sure, some phones are more expensive than a laptop. However, the power of a phone and a laptop at the same price range have a vast difference. 

With about $300, you can have a mobile device that uses a powerful quad-core processor. In that regard, it has the capacity to process games. You cannot buy a laptop with the same power for the same price.

A mobile device also gives you access to more things. Here are some examples:

  • More free apps;
  • A reasonably clear camera;
  • Automatic access to WiFi;
  • Access to network data or mobile data if you have a SIM.

Apart from being relatively cheaper, a mobile device gives you access to a world of entertainment. There are millions of free apps and games on Android and iOS stores. On PC, you can only pretty much have access to a few freebies in the Microsoft Store. 

Con: Less Graphics Experience

Although the game graphics of mobile devices have improved a lot, they still cannot compete against PC graphics. There is just no way a mobile phone can defeat PC graphics because it is too small. It cannot have the same power as a PC. We are not saying that the game graphic of casino games on mobile are bad. It’s just that they are not that detailed. Obviously, bigger screens provide better graphics. If graphics is an extremely important factor in your gaming experience, you must use a PC.  

Con: Not All Games Work on Mobile

Not all games work on a mobile device. For some reason, there are game developers that limit their game accessibility to PCs. On some occasions, you may not be able to access live dealer casino games on a mobile device. Because of that, you should not be surprised that you will find more games on PCs than mobile devices. It is not really a deal breaker unless the game you want is not available on mobile. 


Despite the limitation, there are more benefits to playing in an online casino on a mobile device than on a PC. For one, you can take your phone anywhere. For as long as you are not busy with one task, you can whip out your phone and play. A phone is obviously not bulky. A laptop needs space, like a table. You won’t be comfortable playing on a laptop if you just sit there for hours. Overall, a mobile device is actually better than a PC.


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