Prison break Season 6 Episode 1: Major Plot, Cast, and Release Date Updates

Prison break Season 6 Episode 1

Fans had lost hope because there was no update regarding Prison Break season 6. But, Prison Break season 6 production has started and President of Fox, Michael Thorn also confirmed this news. He said the film is in its initial phase and really excited about it. Moreover also said it would be the new iteration of the show.

Let’s talk about the cast, release date and first episode of Prison Break season 6.

After confirmed the show last yearin January, The writer Scheuring said in a tweet, “if you must know, I finished the 6 season episode 01 script.”

However, after some days, he also revealed another tweet and said the first episode of six seasons would see our heroes return to an iconic scene when show get start.

Prison Break Season 6 Episode 1 plot

As you know, the last season ended with Michael retiring for the simple home with his wife Sarah and son. Now it will be interesting that what will happen in next season episode one.
The season will start with Michael is getting the prison and made tattooed on his body.

Well, there is a need to break out his brother Lincoln from the prison. However, we will see our heroes back to the same tattoo parlor.

Who will return for Prison Break Season 6?

Thorn confirmed that Wentworth and Dominic Purcell would return for their roles. Dominic also confirmed in his Instagram post that they are ready for their respective roles.

Moreover, Purcell also said in his post on 9 February 2019 the development of Prison Break season 6 is all for his fans.

Exact release date is not confirmed. Prison Break Season 6 is in its production stage. You will be able to see it very soon. Stay Tuned with us, and we will update you soon.


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