Precision Moisture Measurement with Ohaus MB35

Precision Moisture Measurement with Ohaus MB35

Different sectors of trade and industry require efficient plastic moisture measurement equipment to measure the moisture content level effectively and in a most accurate manner. By utilizing the most effective moisture measuring systems, plastic manufacturing industries can augment their processes safety and can significantly improve their products’ level of quality and durability.

Presence of moisture can have adverse effects on the shelf life, quality and usability of many plastic products. Even a minimal amount of moisture on the on the processing of these plastic products might result in the significant lack of their intended quality and reliability. For this reason, systematic and successful moisture content measurement is needed to determine the level of moisture level in various raw materials for manufacturing different plastic products.

One of the most advanced moisture analyzer in the market today is the Ohaus MB35. This moisture analyzer features a maximum sample capacity of 35 grams, with 0.002 gram readability and 0.02% repeatability for samples that are 10 grams or more. Among its key features include:

  • Ease of installation and operation
  • High sensitivity to water vapor/moisture content
  • Fast and accurate results
  • Tough design ideal for industrial applications
  • High stability

This model is designed using an intuitive software that allows for simple user interface and ease of installation and operation. With its basic three- key navigation, you don’t need to be a tech wizard to figure out how to use this device. The Ohaus MB35 provides a clear-cut, one step testing procedure. The moisture balance LCD display shows % moisture, actual weight, and actual temperature and test time.

The MB35 is the mid-range model among Ohaus products of moisture balance and it kind of offers limited features as compared to the more advanced and latest model of Ohaus MB45. But still, this comes with fast halogen element that offers uniform infrared heating of up to 160ºC in less than sixty seconds. The Ohaus MB35 moisture analyzer display shows % moisture, time, temperature, weight and none of the advanced features of the Ohaus MB45 moisture balance. 

But even for a basic model, the Ohaus MB35 can still do the job right and accurately. Operating this is very easy after calibrating the parameters and moisture analysis can be completed in just a short period of time. And while there are tons of different moisture analyzers in the market today, it is still worth checking the things that this model can do particularly for average plastic industries that have a limited budget for devices like this.

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