Photographer Sued Virgil Abloh’s Canary Yellow LLC for Sharing Bella Hadid Photo on Instagram

bella hadid blonde hair

Instagram rules about sharing copyrighted photos are very much clear. But again, rule-breakers are unavoidable. Photographer Jawad Elatab filed a lawsuit against Virgil Abloh’s Canaray Yellow LLC on account of sharing Bella Hadid photo (taken by the photographer) on Virgil’s Instagram story.

According to a report by Fashion Law, Virgil Abloh’s Canary Yellow LLC hit this lawsuit for copyright infringement of a Bella hadid’s photo taken by Elatab. The photographer filed this suit in New York federal court last Friday.

Jawad stated in the lawsuit that Abloh shared a picture of Bella Hadid in which model appeared with an Off-White x Rimowa piece, he shared the picture on the story without paying a license fee or even without getting consent from the photographer.

“Canary Yellow is not, and has never been, licensed or otherwise authorized to reproduce, publicly display, distribute and/or use the photograph,” an argument is made in the suit.

Elatab made it crystal clear that only he owns the full right of this picture, means only he can display or distribute this material to the public.

According to Claim of this lawsuit, Jawab is seeking damages, Abloh will pay either profit he got from the post or around $150,000 per work infringed. Also, he is seeking attorney fee and associated cost of this lawsuit.

Virgil Abloh representative hasn’t shared any comment on this lawsuit, yet.

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