Pet Owner Education: CBD Oil For Anxiety

Pet Owner Education

Do you have a pet that suffers from anxiety? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Seeing your pet get nervous or anxious can be heartbreaking for you too. Well, CBD oil may come to the aid of your beloved pet. Many pet owners are using this magical oil for its therapeutic properties to help calm their furry friends. Wondering if CBD oil can help your pet? Read on and find out. We present you Pet Owner Education: CBD Oil For Anxiety.

Why does your pet have anxiety?

Like humans, animals also experience anxious feelings. Fear, stress, or anxiety is the natural response of their body towards external stimulus. While it’s natural for your pet to feel anxious at times, if it’s constant, it can take a toll on their health. To know if your pet has anxiety, you can look out for the common symptoms. These symptoms may vary, but they can be panting, pacing, fidgeting, trembling, whining, and even aggression. 

Anxiety in pets can be of two types: behavioral and situational. Behavioral anxiety, also known as separation anxiety, is mostly seen in dogs or even cats. The animals have a tendency to stay in groups and may feel anxious when left alone. Over-attachment with the owner and frequent changes in schedule can lead to separation anxiety. On the other hand, situational anxiety happens with the occurrence of unpleasant events, such as thunderstorms, fireworks, travelling, or meeting strangers. 

What is CBD oil?

Among the plenty of cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, CBD is the most prominent. It is a medicinal and non-psychoactive element that is gaining popularity today for its therapeutic benefits. The plant goes through a Co2 extraction process that gives you pure CBD oil, with no traces of other cannabinoids. With the increasing demand, manufacturers now offer a wide array of products infused with CBD oil. While CBD oil is very helpful in your pets, CBDfx capsules are a must-have for pet owners looking to relieve various conditions. 

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Can CBD oil help your pet’s anxiety?

While people are already using CBD oil for the symptoms of anxiety, can it help your pet as well? There may be ways in which the oil can help pets with anxiety.

Much like humans, animals also have an endocannabinoid system in their body. It is a complex biological structure of cells that regulates mood, emotions, appetite, and reproductive health. The endocannabinoid system alters how you feel or react to external stimuli by producing neurotransmitters called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids stick to the CB1 and CB2 receptors present in your body and communicate with them.

Here is how CBD oil might help your pet:

1.       May reduce fear and stress:

Researchers believe that an imbalance of the cannabinoids in your body can lead to anxiety. The cannabinoids present in cannabis are identical to the ones produced by your pet’s body. By ingesting CBD oil, you give the pet these cannabinoids. While CBD can give a boost to the natural cannabinoids, it may also help with anxiety. CBD can bind with the receptors to calm your pet by reducing stress and fear, leaving your pet with a relaxed body and mind. Get your hands on the best CBD oil products out there from

2.       May improve mood:

Serotonin is a happy hormone that can regulate your mood. A sudden decrease in the level of serotonin may affect the mood of your pet. If you feel that the pet isn’t as playful or happy, CBD oil may help. The cannabinoid may increase the level of serotonin and boost communication with the receptors as well. CBD can prevent the absorption of these hormones for a brief period which may improve the mood of your pet and reduce anxiety.

3.       May promote growth of new and healthy brain cells:

The hippocampus is the area of your brain affected by depression or anxiety. Humans who are dealing with anxiety may have a smaller hippocampus, and doctors believe it could be the same with animals as well. CBD oil might promote the growth of new cells in this region of the brain and could help alleviate the symptoms of stress, anxiety, or depression.    

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How to give CBD oil to your pet?

CBD oil is versatile, owing to the plenty of products manufacturers provide now. You can pick the most suitable method depending upon your pet’s needs:

1.       Orally:

The most convenient way to give CBD oil to your pet cat or dog is orally. You can place 5-6 drops of the oil with a dropper under their tongue and let them swallow it. Here it’s absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream and may give instant calming effects to them. There are special CBD oils available for pets both on the online stores and local dispensaries. While you give your pet a dosage of CBD, you can get yourself THC oil Canada for desirable effects.     

2.       Edibles:

All pets love treats. You can get CBD oil-infused edibles like biscuits or candies for your pet. Along with being an excellent way to reward them, these edibles may also help with anxiety. Your pet might stray away from the oil, but they will happily eat the treats that have CBD infused in them. You can treat your pets to some CBD edibles too. You can get the best CBD for your beloved pets in different flavors, or products like edibles, topicals, and vape juices that contain it. Check it out at the daily marijuana store.

Final thoughts

Enjoying time with a pet can be the greatest joy for every owner. But, if your dog or cat has anxiety, it can be a daunting experience for you both. Anxiety or depression can make it difficult for you to leave them alone for even a brief while. If you are tired of trying new medicines for anxiety without any significant results, it’s time to give CBD oil a try. This organic and medicinal cannabis byproduct might help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, and keep your pet in a happy mood. Before you get your hands on CBD oil, consulting a veterinary doctor would be a good idea to see how CBD can specifically help your pet.




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