How much is important pest control for warehouse?

pest control for warehouse

Whether you are running a food storage facility or a boxed facility, or retail store, that has shipments moving in and out every day, pests can be a nuisance. Some of the more common pests include:

– birds

– rats

– racoons

– possums

– insects such as roaches, ants or termites

Each of these common pests can be a problem, not only for your merchandise but for the people that are working out of your location every day. Although it may be challenging to find the source where these pests are infiltrating your building, or where they came from, a professional pest control company is your best choice moving forward. Before these pests make a home in your boxes, ceiling or skid pile, local commercial pest control company can perform preventative services in your warehouse. This means we will block potential entry points, put down preventative compounds, and complete a once-over from foundation to rafters. If the little buggers have already made it in, we will remove them, and then perform preventive services to ensure they do not come back!

How often should pest control be done in a warehouse?

Preventative pest control work should be completed at least every Spring. This will allow us to tackle any issues spots before the little critters are starting to look for a new home. However, pests are a year-round issue, and we offer emergency pest removal on a 365-day basis. 

Do warehouses need pest control by law?

No, warehouses do not need preventative pest control by law, but once a pest does make its way into a warehouse, you will need to remove and disinfect the area properly. This is especially important in a health and safety sense, as workers who are exposed to pest waste can become sick, and the employer is responsible for that. you can check warehousing companies that follow the law here.

What are the risks of not having pest control inspection?

Without a pest control inspection, your warehouse may face significant issues in the future. Our reviews ensure that potential entry points are sealed off, and we can help prevent problems before they become an infestation. Pests and workspaces do not mix, and if you are facing an infestation, you may have to shut down operations until the problem is dealt with by professionals. 

How long does the process of pest removal go?

Generally, pest removal can be completed within one week. We will set traps, and remove any visible pests, and come back a few days later to check the traps and set them one more time. We want to ensure the pests are removed, and the only way to check is to establish and re-set traps for a week.



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