Passive smoking, is it really more harmful than smoking?

Passive smoking really harmful

Through multiple kinds of research carried out over the last decades, it has been documented in detail how harmful smoking can be to the health of frequent smokers, however, sometimes the damage they can cause to people who don’t smoke, but instead are close to them when they do it, can be miscalculated. Here is the answer to the question is Passive smoking really harmful than smoking?

This situation can be as harmful as the cigarettes are to smokers or even worse, since it affects the health of the respiratory tract of people who are near smokers, commonly known as: passive smoking. 

What are the dangers of passive smoking?

The tobacco smoke produced by the act of smoking contains thousands of chemical substances that are toxic to the body, in fact, this smoke usually has more harmful elements added by the air that is expelled by the smoker after having inhaled it. There are currently some quite interesting alternatives to help smokers to quit this habit, with elements such as the so-called Killapods; very effective for this task. Killapods will help you to leave behind this harmful habit. Breathing this smoke increases the chances that you will suffer from one or more of the following ailments:

  • Lung infections (such as pneumonia)
  • Asthma
  • Cough, sore throat and sneezing
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Problems associated with blood pressure
  • General respiratory problems

What can I do to avoid passive smoking?

You probably know someone who smokes. Whether you are that who person smokes or you’re regularly around someone who does it, it is never healthy to inhale tobacco smoke. Even brief and occasional exposure can affect the body. Ask kindly to your smoker friends and acquaintances to take these steps:

  • Always smoke outdoors, away from other people, especially children and pregnant women. According to studies, cigarette smoke can remain in the environment for hours after having smoked out a cigarette in case a person has smoked indoors, other people will also inhale the smoke.
  • Cigarette smoke easily attaches on clothes and objects, therefore before carrying or hugging children especially, any smoke should change their clothes and if it’s possible, take a bath.
  • It is not advisable to smoke in closed places where there are other people, including vehicles, or small spaces, it is much more harmful, since the circulating air is not easily eliminated.

Steps to take to avoid passive smoking

In the same way that the person who smokes decides to do so, non-smokers also have the right to decide. You can stay away from people who smoke at home, college, work, restaurants, and even when you’re visiting your friends and family.

If you’re a frequent smoker and you’re trying to quit, don’t give up! It’s a long and tough road. Quitting smoking is not easy, because cigarettes are very addictive. But there are many alternatives, organizations, and people that can help you kick the habit! Evaluate the advantages that you’ll be able to enjoy when you quit smoking.

Undoubtedly, currently there is no longer the excuse of not having alternatives that can help you quit smoking, allowing yourself to enjoy the perfect health conditions, in addition to avoiding the inconvenience to people around the smoker, who is affected by passive smoking. Make the decision now and decide to leave this habit, with it you benefit directly yourself and also the people around you!


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