Ozark Season 3: What and When Netflix is Coming with Season 3?

ozark season 3 latest news

As you know, Jason Bateman has confirmed the good news for Ozark. By the end of the second season, we were shocked in that finale.

Well, we already know that Jason confirmed the season 3 in his tweet on October 2018. He said, I’m happy for me, concerned for Marty, official Ozark 3 is n the way.

According to showrunner, season 3 will all about the Marty and Wendy struggling career and their issues. The new cast will enter in the third season which is Wendy’s brother.

He had some sort of mental illness in the past. Moreover, Wendy will help her husband in his money cartel business.

Besides, Chris revealed that there could be more seasons of Ozark, maybe five or seven.
So let’s see where the third season end and what comes in the next season.

Well more seasons will happen if Netflix allows the show to run. It also depends on the audience response. So let’s see what comes in the future.

Everyone is desperately waiting for the third season. There is no confirmed release date yet. However, production is on the way, and we’re expecting the season 3 will hit the screen in the late 2019 or early 2020.

Ozark is considering one of the best Netflix series after the game of thrones in the United States and all other countries.


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