Orange is the New Black season 7: When It will Air on Netflix and Trailer!

Everything you need to know about the final season of the prison drama!

Orange Is the New Black

What a great TV Series which talks about real pressing social issues that affect people today. To name a few; Racial Stereotypes, Immigration, being something you’re not so that you can fit in, profiting from services that should really be paid from Public funds etc.

It seems everyone is the main character and it’s nice to see diverse perspectives even from the guards’ point of views. The series will really make a fitting end to do justice to the messages portrayed and the characters fictitiously portrayed. But truly resonates within us or with people around us.

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The plot is funny, insightful, duplicitous, violent, cathartic, and unique. As each season goes by the series becomes more addictive. And it continues to prove to be a dazzling series and one of the best in its genre.

This series has excellent direction, writing, cinematography, setting, soundtrack, and acting. Every single actress in this show delivers superlative performances. There are too many to list. So this viewer will focus on the main character portrayed by Schilling who is absolutely perfect and captivating.

The plot revolves around Piper, a former corporate executive. Who is sent to a minimum security prison for being around the proverbial wrong people at the wrong time, ten years earlier.

Once inside Piper must learn how to adapt to her new home which isn’t made any easier as she is viewed by the inmates as a weak, rich girl and a goody two shoes. Schilling does a marvelous job developing Piper throughout the series.

Piper turns out to be cunning, clever and has a keen ability to thrive. As she navigates the system. Along the way, she makes friends and enemies with some eccentric, unsavory and unexpected individuals.

However, season 7 will follow the piper’s path as she interacts with the outside world after prison. Whereas, the unlucky convicts will be there remain behind the bars in prison.

When It will Coming On Netflix.

Last season was available on Netflix in June/July 2018. As the seven-season was finished in February 2019. So it will take some more time to stream on Netflix.

However, it is confirmed that the Orange Is the New Black season 7 will be the last season of the series.


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