Top 10 Online Resources to Skill Up Under Lockdown

Brush Up Your Skills

Novel Corona Virus, better known as COVID-19, has done what nobody else could – forced at least 1 billion people in 25 nations to stay indoors. You could complain, of course, with life having come to a standstill. But, you could also use this opportunity to upskill yourself in, say, Salesforce training to brush up your skills for a better future post the lockdown period. You can’t go out but you can definitely train yourself sitting right at home with these online learning resources.

10 Best Websites to Brush Up Your Skills Amid Lockdown

  1. Stanford Online – A wonderful initiative by the Stanford University, this is one of the best places to get started on levelling up your skills. The best part is that you can take several online courses all for free! You’re also entitled to secure professional certificates such as the Salesforce certification and other degree programs. Choose your favourite course from a host of options like economics, entrepreneurship, blockchain technology, nutrition, mathematics, et al.
  2. Codeacademy – A favourite hub for programming aspirants, you’ll find a number of free courses here to get started on coding. Most of these courses teach coding in several programming languages so you can gain lots of skills at the same time. Speaking of time, a majority of these courses can be completed in less than 11 hours!
  3. CRS Info Solutions – One of the best software training institutes in India, this one is your perfect go-to source for not just acquiring Salesforce certification trainingbut also learn to prepare resumes that stand out and prepare for tricky interview questions. The training modules are carefully designed to cover relevant industry-specific methodologies and train students in relative practical experience. Do try out their Salesforce administration and Salesforce development as part of Salesforce training courses.
  4. TED-Ed –A one-stop shop for various learning needs. TED-Ed has a wide range of educational videos featuring several topics of interest to an avid learner. The portal is propelled by a global network of about 250,000 trainers and there are lots of intriguing animated videos to keep the learner engaged.
  5. Udemy – You’d never fall short of learning anything here because there are 100,000 courses taught in 50 different languages by 42,000 educators. Most of the online learning content is created by colleges and universities and therefore in tune with what the students really want. Besides, the platform gives you ample opportunity to share your ideas as an educator.
  6. Coursera – Another of the best portals to grab some specialisations and avail degree courses. They may cost slightly higher but there are a host of free courses as well. Some of the paid ones aren’t bad either because they’re fairly easy on the pocket. The website partners with more than 150 universities to create and provide content.
  7. edX–An NGO jointly set up by Harvard and MIT particularly for those students facing a financial crunch or can’t access difficult-to-reach training institutes. Such people can always gain access to learning comfortably at edX. The platform provides about 2,400 courses from several world universities. A majority of the courses are offered free of cost but a few others may come on nominal payment.
  8. Khan Academy – Another non-profit centre of learning that provides education to learning aspirants absolutely free of cost. Interestingly, the platform is ideal for both kids and adults because there are a number of course topics that might engage the young learners too. The Khan Academy is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, Ann & Jon Doerr and Reed Hastings.
  9. Skillshare – This US-based training institute is primarily intended for online learners who learn better through video training. The courses aren’t exactly accredited but their interactive content is quite popular. Students are required to complete a project in order to advance through the course.
  10. Udacity – The courses here are mostly paid so if you’re willing to invest in some useful learning, then this is the place for you. Get enrolled into one of the paid courses at Udacity and level up your skills to advance to the next stage in your career.

Browse through these sites when you’re home and brush up your skills to prep yourself for the competitive world.

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