On ‘The Late Late Show’ James Corden and Ariana Grande Freaked Out In an ‘Escape Room’

Ariana Grande

In order to celebrate Halloween spirit, Ariana Grande and James Corden placed their lives in a test by attempting to stay in the haunted house full of horrors, a nightmarish escape room. However, the things turned out to be even spooky and worse with reference to their expectations.

The Late Late Show on Tuesday, the misadventure end up giving this look to fans that was featured back in August. At the time when the Sweetener singer appeared as the talk show host in order to add the fun of “Carpool Karaoke”.

Grande told Corden ” I love being scared. I think it’s so much fun,” during the pre-taped segment while chatting that why she loved Halloween.

Corden asked, “You enjoy being scared so much you go to like escape rooms, and things like that, right?”.

“I go to haunted houses as stuff. Usually, escape rooms aren’t that scary,” she replied, her words heavy with foreshadowing. “But I do love escape rooms. We should do one!”

Corden being confessing, it was his first experience in getting into such kinds of escape rooms. However, he entered into this with rattling nerves. But Grande was looking calm and cool minded.

However, stepping into the haunted room, all his coolness fades away soon.

Just after getting into the room, they were instantly reclined towards darkness. On the other hand, in order to shoot the adventure, it also required some cameras capable of white and black night version cameras. Further, it was the pitch back hallway, creepy enough giving the songstress second thoughts.

A trembling Grande asked Corden “You told me this was an escape room, not hell,”, who apparently gets very giggly when he’s scared. “What is this?”

Even though, the room they chose was representing a cross between customary escape room. That is usually equipped with puzzles that are required to solve, in order to get out from the room. Those puzzles might include jump scares and psychological horror of a horror maze.

After taking long in order to solve their first puzzles, the terrified duo opened a door to a room that was giving a look of a screwed version of a child’s bedroom, complete with twaddle beds.

After just leaving their guard down, they encountered with an actor who was dressed in wet girl ghost. He jumped up from The Ring from one of the beds rendering Corden and Grand their first biggest scare. Prior to rushing out from the room, both of them cowered in a corner.

Grande screamed “You’re a bitch!!” at the “ghost” when it fled the room.

What you say, if you would be in the segment what would be your emotions?


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