October Day 6 Box Office Collection

Movie first day Box office collection was slow but on a second and third day, its earning remain good. The fourth day earning decline but gave a profit of 2.70 crores. Fifth day earning also declined but ended with the profit of 2.61 crores. Thus, the total earning is the 25.56 crores. Tuesday is the fifth day and its earning is 2.61 cr. Now October earning has declined but it is still giving revenue.

Overall, October movie first week has given good revenue. Varun Dhawan debut on box office is considering hit film. Shoojit Sircar movie director is happy to get the total business in profit. Until Tuesday, the movie collected total business more than 25 crores.

Taran Adarsh famous movie trade analyst has tweeted on the fifth-day box office collection. He considers October movie is “Rock Steady”. The movie is continuously giving revenue. The fifth day closed with the total earning of 25.56 cores. Movie lovers and also viewers are praising this unusual romantic love story film. Therefore it will give more business further days. People are being lauded the critics after watching the movie. This attitude is adding and also causing steady revenue.

Bollywood movie October is Banita Sandhu debut. She received fame through this film. Bollywood Industry has accepted her with the open arms.

Furthermore, she also shared her hair chopped video on Instagram. She also wrote her feeling at that time. After her hair off, she remained tense and uncomfortable. She also had hidden from others.

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Hours before cutting my hair, Shoojit Sir told me I would be fearless for it. A few days after it was done, Juhi asked me if I felt freer. I replied, no. I didn’t feel anything. I was still hiding behind Shiuli. Then, when the film had wrapped and I returned to London I almost instinctively and religiously wore wigs so I wouldn’t feel exposed. However, after prolonged use, the wigs got uncomfortable, the hats got sweaty and itchy and so, one day, I was forced to wear my hair, whatever little had grown back, in public. Slowly, I began to realise how much I used to hide behind my hair and that I was using wigs and hats to compensate for it. Seeing myself, without any of these distractions, I began to appreciate Banita – with or without hair. I no longer cared about what other people thought of me as I realised my hair didn’t define me anymore and nor did others’ opinions, only I defined myself; that’s when I began to feel empowered and fearless. I know there’s a preconceived assumption (ironically, often shown in cinema) that as soon as you shave your hair, you’re immediately liberated but that didn’t happen with me and that’s okay. It took time, at least 3 months, to reach a fraction of that feeling and despite the insecurity and struggle that came with it, it was totally worth it. Beauty comes in all forms. Thank you, @shoojitsircar and @juhic3 for letting me be your Shiuli and making me fearless with it. 🙏🏽

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In the end, her sacrifice has given her a good reward. She has become famous as a Bollywood actress with a successful October movie.

October Day 5 Box office collection fifth day end up with a profitable earning of 2.61 cr. This movie totally earning is gaining continuous profit. People are liking this film and its story. Therefore its revenue is increasing.


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