Normani Paid Homage to Iconic Popstars in her ‘Motivation’ music video

Normani motivation music video

Normani debuted her solo single “Motivation” alongside her inspirational music video. This video went viral on Youtube since it’s the first time we can enjoy a solo from the 23-year old pop star. However, it is not the only reason.

Another primary reason, people watch the video of this rock star is the Motivation music video. In that video, she smartly presented some reference to the iconic pop star came before her such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Ciara.

At the start of the video, you can see her dancing in a white tank top and low-rise denim. She took inspiration for this page from Beyonce’s 2003 video for “Crazy in Love.”

In the next scene, she appeared in a sport pink and white matching set. This outfit reminds you of Britney Spears’s dress in her 1998 “Baby One More Time” video.

She honored the same decade with her 1996 Crop top- which is the year she was born.
Next homage is paid to Beyonce, where Normani picked metallic gold two-piece just like Beyonce had once worn for “Baby boy” video.

Last but not least, she copy cat Ciara circa “1,2 Step” outfit. She danced in a black bra top and low-slung pants. Even she wore hoop earnings jut as Ciara did for her video,
You should watch Normani’s new Motivation music video. It is more like paying homage to iconic pop stars.

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