Nintendo Switch Controller Drift-Facts to be known

nintendo switch controller drift

Nintendo Switch Controller Drift 

Nintendo Switch Controller Drift (Joy-Con drift) is one of the most critical issues plaguing Switch users across the planet. Significance is when a controller seemingly moves around without the player touching the thumbsticks. Joy-Con Drift is often very frustrating to gamers! It can cause the camera to randomly panning in several directions or non-instructed movements of characters in your game. There’s nothing more annoying than setting down your Switch to grab a fast drink.

What does Causes Nintendo Switch Controller Drift (Joy-Con)?

Nintendo Switch Controller Drift Joy-Con drift can often be attributed to at least one of two significant factors: Software/hardware issues or dirt & grime build-up. Regardless of the cause, piles are often downright infuriating to the purpose. Where you don’t even want to play on your Switch, don’t let this issue deduct your love for this fantastic console. Keep reading to seek out out ways to repair your Joy-Cons’ drift issue.

What DIY Joy-Con Drift (Nintendo Switch Controller Drift) Fixes am I able to try?

Whether a software issue or only dirt, we’ve put together an inventory of easy fixes for those of you who are experiencing Joy-Con drift on your console. Below are a couple of things to undertake and obtain to prevent that drift so that you’re copy and gaming in no time.

Update Your Controllers:

Sometimes drift in our Joy-Con controllers is often thanks to a minor software issue. Thankfully, that will introduce through an easy controller update. To try to do this, attend the setting menu on your Switch. Select “Controllers,” then choose “Update Controllers.”

Recalibrate the enjoyment of Joy-Con Sticks

Another way is to correct a minor software issue would be to recalibrate the thumbsticks themselves as well. That will be by getting to your Switch’s “System Settings” menu. Next, Then, select “Controllers and Sensors and from there, select “Calibrate Control Sticks” and follow the instructions given.

Clean Your Nintendo Switch Controller Drift Joy-Cons

The Nintendo Switch Controller Drift t in your Joy-Con might be thanks to the natural build-up of dirt & grime inside the thumbstick. As most folks aren’t consoling repair technicians, we don’t advise you to require your controller to wash it. The most straightforward thanks to addressing this issue are by using compressed gasCompressed gas cleaners are often found within the electronics store of most departments. Hence follow the instructions given on the can carefully; next, after moving your thumbstick around, spraying air at different angles to loosen and remove any build-up.

What to try if just one Joy Condo Connect?

On the other hand, another issue Switch users can encounter Nintendo Switch Controller Drift Joy-Con connectivity problems. That will often by ensuring that your Switch is being updated continuously. Sometimes, without realizing it, we will miss many crucial updates provided by Nintendo. These updates are vital for our gaming consoles and sometimes, if ignored, are often the explanation for problems like Joy-Con connectivity issues. If you’re experiencing a stubborn Joy-Con, confirm that your Switch has downloaded the newest software update.

My Joy-Con Calibration is off. How am I able to fix it?

The best thanks to affecting a Joy-Con whose calibration is off is to recalibrate your controller. to try to do this, select “System Settings” on your Switch. during this menu, scroll down choose “Controllers & Sensors,” for example. From there, select “Calibrate Control Sticks” and simultaneously follow the instructions given also. Once this process is complete, Joy-Con should reflect the new calibration. If you are doing not see this immediately, try turning your cut, then back again. Now Your Switch should reflect the recalibration.

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Can Nintendo Switch Controller Drift Joy-Con be fixed for Free?

 If the drift you’re experiencing in your Joy-Con is thanks to a hardware issue, then Nintendo could be ready to assist you out. Often a neighborhood of their “Joy Con Repair Program,” which was implemented after many Joy-Cons were found with unexplained hardware issues causing drift.

 If you’ve got followed the steps outlined above and ruled out minor software problems or dirt & grime because of the culprit – you’ll get to send your Joy-Con controllers to Nintendo, where they’re going to repair them for free of chargeyou’ll start this process by visiting the enjoyment 

How Long Does it take for a Joy-Con Repair?

The consensus seems to the point that Joy-Con repairs by Nintendo take roughly two weeks truly. But some people have reported a turnaround of as quick as three days too. Considering this is often a free service provided by Nintendo, you may encounter an extended time to repair and wait. That is why people o be very proud of their fixed Joy-Con controllers’ results and encourage others to require advantage of this program.


Following the outrage over the difficulty in July 2019, Nintendo has begun to repair impacted controllers freed from charge. Also, Vice News reports that Nintendo has directed its customer support team to repair Joy-Con controllers for free of charge and issue refunds for previous repairs, albeit you’re not under warranty.

 Nintendo now even features a dedicated area of its support website for Joy-Con repair requests: fill out the shape, and Nintendo will coordinate your return, confirm that the controllers have the difficulty, and either repair or replace the controllers.

 Otherwise, Nintendo offers a typical warranty of 90 days (for accessories, which seems to incorporate separately purchased Joy-Con controllers) and 12 months (for consoles, which seems to incorporate Joy-Con controllers included with a Switch).

 If you are outside of warranty, Reddit users had previously reported costs of $40 for an out-of-warranty repair, which is almost the value of a replacement single Joy-Con controller. 

When difficulty revealed firstly, Nintendo made a comment that:

At Nintendo, We are pride in creating quality products and continuously making improvements to them. We are conscious of recent reports that some Joy-Con controllers aren’t responding correctly. We want our consumers to possess fun with Nintendo Switch, and if anything falls in need of this goal, we always encourage them to go to so that we will help.

So Nintendo Switch owners are experiencing problems with the console’s removable Joy-Con controllers for years now. Users reported weird joystick drifting problems that cause false inputs and are steadily growing over time as original Switch machines get older.

Since a report by Kotaku from July 2019 shined a light-weight on the Joy-Con drift issue, Nintendo has changed its policies significantly. The corporate will now repair drifting Joy-Con controllers for free of chargealbeit your controllers are outside the regular warranty. But Nintendo hasn’t changed the planning of the controllers, and it’s still a problem today, even on the refreshed Switch models that launched last year.


Calibrate or recalibrate your Switch Joy-Cons

The first thing you ought to do if you notice Joy-Con drift (especially on the left Joy-Con) is calibrated your controllers. That is often the foremost straightforward thanks to bringing things back to normal. It’s worth knowing how to do that because you’ll find yourself checking the calibration at some point for just about all tips.

Off your Joy-Con from the body of the Switch

 Go to System Settings

 Scroll to and choose Controllers and Sensors

 Select Calibrate Control Sticks

 Then depress on the stick for the controller you would like to calibrate.

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You’ll encounter a calibration check screen. If you are not touching or moving the stickyou ought to see a sign within the middle of the circle. And when you’re feeling the controller or moving it, you ought to see a dot. Move the problematic joystick around, and you ought to know the color of the circle change from black to blue. If not, it is time to recalibrate your stick.

 To recalibrate, press the X button. You will be asked to maneuver your joystick in a specific direction and abandoning. Eventually, after doing left, right, up, and down, you will be prompted to rotate your stick during a circle clockwise.

Clean your Joy-Con’s joystick

 If you continue to experience Nintendo Switch Controller Drift Joy-Con after calibrating and recalibrating, the subsequent thing you ought to do is clean the stickWithin the body of the Joy-Con at the bottom of the post may be a sensor. Cleaning that sensor will resolve the matter of Joy-Con drift for many people.

 If you look closely at the joystick, it’s like wearing a graduation cap, rock bottom of which features a rubber or silicone covering over the mechanism’s highest part. Saturate a cotton swab with 70% isopropanol, then dab the swab against rock bottom, a part of that “graduation cap” to urge a number of the alcohol thereunder.

So Once you’ve worked your way around, rotate the joystick. That is for 30 seconds to figure the alcohol across the sensor inside. After you are doing that, let it sit for a quarter-hour and check the calibration.

There are two warnings: Do not apply the isopropanol on the joystick. Thus could seep past the joystick mechanism and onto other parts within the Joy-Con. Also, confirm your Joy Con’s battery is fully drained before cleaning. 

When I did that firstly, it worked well. Cleaning the stick periodically got my Joy-Con back in tip-top shape.

 Nintendo features a Joy-Con repair program in situ.

Nintendo will fix Joy-Con drift for you.

If calibrating and a cleaning doesn’t help, get Nintendo to repair it. However, the corporate features a Joy-Con repair program for hardware within it is a year Warranty. Moreover, Nintendo has been fixing Joy-Cons with drifting issues for free of charge, albeit they’re out of the contract.

 For instance, the catch here is that due to the coronavirus pandemic, Nintendo’s repair facilities are scaled back, and shipping could be delayed. So who knows how long it’ll deem you to urge your Joy-Cons back.

 Nintendo sells single Joy-Cons for $50. the matter is finding them in-stock.

Buy a replacement Joy-Con for your Switch.

Another option (possibly the foremost costly on this list) is to shop for a single replacement Joy-Con for around $50. However, single Joy-Cons are often out-of-stock. Albeit you discover one to shop forit’d not be the side or color you would like.

And at $80, a joy-Cons pair will cost more even. I also would not recommend buying used ones because they could already suffer from Joy-Con drift.

If you’ve got the talents, patience, and confidence, you’ll always remove the failing stick and replace it with a replacement joystick.

Replace the joystick yourself

This last tip is that the most drastic. You’ll remove the problematic joystick and put a replacement one into the housing. There are numerous kits online too. But I got one on Amazon only for $14, which comes with two new analog stick modules and tools simultaneously.

After Opening up the Joy-Con, remove the joystick, and put it back together, requiring an intermediate level of skill and a high level of patience. Also, that process will void Nintendo’s one-year warranty.

To see the method, please watch the step-by-step guide. And I should note that since I did this, my Joy-Con does not have drifting issues. That said, within the process of putting the controller back together, I snapped a cable and lost the utilization of my left trigger button. That was not the perfect outcome, but I’m happy to sacrifice my trigger button to urge Jon-Con to drift.

Final Words

Finally, we have some introduction about Nintendo Switch Controller Drift. Let’s follow.




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