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Nicki Minaj And Tyga’s New Single Will Premiere During Queen Radio

Nicki Minaj

“Queen Radio” now getting live.

Queen Radio, Nicki Minaj always make the few hours interesting and full of entertainment. With prior episodes entailing the chewing out star Cardi B, always dramatic events occur on the set of the show. Same as today, nothing has changed.

She started the episode by kicking off that today’s show will be having some new music. It was much likely to be the single Tyga was teasing earlier today. At 12 PM PST she kicked off. Since Nicki was about to throw and show some new music to the world. For this, she also pushed a fresh brand new video.

 On her show, she tried her best to remain reserved. In fact, at the start of the show, she announced to lets the fans know that being Queen Radio she has been tired. Since it was related to placing people on blast.

She swiftly turned that in order to address her beef with Cardi B and her sister. She told that she possesses the footage in which the star was beaten up by Rah Ali. She further added that Cardi B requested for Nicki to get featured over her second single. This day the tea is hot.

Since we are waiting for the new song to get premiered, things have picked a slower pace. Till now, there is no assurance that whether it would be made in collaboration with Tyga. However, considering the fact that the tease was showing as it was for a release time of noon. Then it truly makes sense.

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