New trailer of Halloween shows iconic performance of Michael Myers

Michael Myers at his most methodical in new Halloween movie

The first full-length trailer has shown some clarification and a number of refurbishing claims from Michael Myers of his iconic mask for the upcoming Halloween movie. Now, people can get a mini-movie and it has a full minute of suspense and horror tracking. It shows Myers threatens, ambush, and murders a woman. The movie has an interesting and tightly edited part featuring an assumingly unstoppable devil walking through a town on the Halloween night. He was holding a hammer and seemingly putting it through the head of an older woman.

It doesn’t actually produce fear, but it specifically presents a clear idea about the concept of the film. It indicates a sense of constant and merciless assault carried out without anger or specific reason. It presents a significant level of sticking attraction, but it doesn’t actually show jump-scare horrors. This film might engage Halloween movie lovers with presenting attractive suspense and horrible scenes. The trailer was showing some key points of the film’s concept to attract more audience ahead of the Halloween event, as it will take place on October 31st, 2018.

The trailer centers the major focus expressed in the first one by Jamie Lee Curtis. She abruptly asks the newest officer of the law enforcement to deal with the deadly man. She said: “I have prayed every night that he would escape. What the hell did you do that for? So I can kill him”. It wasn’t supposedly what law enforcement officer likes to hear. The movie presents the former teenage survivor of killing rampage from Michael Myers to finish the job which started back in 1978 by Donald Pleasance. We are still eager to see if the director David Gordon Green can restore the threat and magic of the Halloween movies. The movie “Halloween” is expected to be released on October 19, 2018.

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Watch Trailer of Halloween:


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