New One Piece Stampede Movie Release Date and Teaser Trailer Released!

One Piece: Stampede Released New Trailer And Key Visual!

One Piece Stampede

New One Piece Stampede movie is just a few months far from the cinema screens. Therefore, here I have some more useful information about the movies. Because fans and the viewers must have all the details about the upcoming movie before watching.

This upcoming new One Piece is confirmed on the official website of the One Piece Stampede. It is stated that to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the anime movie there is another movie is at a developing stage.

One Piece Stampede Official Trailer

Toei Animation also releases its new teaser trailer that will show you some shots about the movie. This upcoming movie will title as One Piece Stampede officially. That’s most likely to have a totally new Line Filter, and that fans love it! We have a tendency to see all of the straw hat crew, the Worst Generation, the Marines, the Shichibukai, even blackboard, and additionally Gol D Roger. This motion picture is incredibly bold, however, can it live up to the hype? We will decide once it premieres. Here’s the trailer for those of you who haven’t watched it yet:

Although, the trailer has not much information about the upcoming movie. Because the movie is at a developing stage. So, it did not shows the accurate picture of the movie. But there is a lot more action and thrill in the movie. One Piece Stampede will have something new for the fans.

This is manga publishing but anime is younger than the manga. Next year manga will be 22 years old and anime 20 years old. And the trailer is much different than movies like “Z” and “Gold”.


The team has to take some big steps ahead to premiere it at a successful level. One Piece Stampede has only 3 to 4 episodes in a season. And most probably it may be developed only for 2 or 3 seasons. Therefore, it should be of great interest at the beginning. As it did has many long sequels to grasp a large number of viewers.


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