New Annabelle Comes Home Clip Reveals Evil Plans of Annabelle

annabelle comes home

Fans of the Conjuring Franchise have to wait only for a week as Annabelle Comes home again and this time she has more evil plans. This one thing is clear from the recent clip from Gary Dauberman.

In this clip, we can easily see the horrific influence Annabelle has on the people around her. She is more powerful than before. And it is shown in the latest clip.

Ed and Lorrain Warren nearly escape death. The Warren looks worried, she is sitting on the front seat while Annabelle is present on the back seat. Warrens stops the car as she notices a group of ghosts approaching the vehicle, one of these ghosts shoves Ed onto the road in front of an out-of-control truck.

Ed successfully escapes from the accident. Warrens screams Ed name, gets out of the car, and reaches Warrens. We all know that this accident was an evil plan of Annabelle; it’s what this evil doll always does.

This clip provided us a glimpse of pathetic influence Annabelle has on the world around her.

According to film director, Annabelle will be “a master of ceremonies” for all the evil surroundings of Warrens.  It is the desire of director to dig down deeper into the secrets of the Warren home. He had this desire because of his fantastic experience with The Nun.

“While The Nun is this sort of men-on-a-mission movie, on this one I wanted to go back to a little bit more of a traditional haunted house, but different, because the house is the Warrens’, which is so unique and unusual. It feels like some ticking time bomb.”

Fans are excited to see how Annabelle comes home and continue making her regular mischief. We don’t know what are her plans, but they would be horrific and creepy for sure. The Conjuring Franchise is making high gross income on box office. The Nun and Curse of La Llorona were enjoyed huge success. We will have to see what this upcoming horror series bring for us.

Annabelle comes home release date is June 26th, 2019. This summer, fans of horror movie would have amazing stuff to watch, another live Toy film Child’s play is going to release on June 21st.


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