New and Improved Safety Glass Used in Glass Display Cabinets

glasss display cabinets

We have been using glass products and furniture for years now, overlooking its safety hazards. There are different types of glass material used in the manufacturing of different glassware and furniture, but not all materials are safer and durable. Certain safety hazards are associated with glass products, which may lead to severe injuries and even death.

Thus, the toughness and strength of glass are significant to ensure that your glass interior has no safety issues. A set of standards have been developed in recent years for the use of glass in the fabrication of glass products.

The American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM) has developed certain specifications for the usage of glass in the construction of glass cabinets. Their standards require to use tempered glass (known as safety glass) in the construction of various fixtures. Their regulations show that common annealed or non-tempered glass is not safe to use in the construction of furniture as it easily shutters into jagged edge pieces, increasing the risk of severe injury. Rather, tempered glass shatters into fragmented pieces, minimizing the risk of injury if the glass is damaged.

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The Safety Glass should be used in the Construction of Cabinets

Where glass display cabinets are trendy to create the dramatic effect in your living room, bathroom or kitchen, ensuring their safety is important. Glass researches and interior designers suggest to use tough/tempered glass in the construction of cabinets because of its minimal chances of shattering and smashing into fragmented pieces if cracked.

According to a report published in Grand View Research, global glass tempered market has been estimated at around 2,542million square meters in 2014.

Tempered glass is 5 to 7 times safer than annealed glass, an ideal choice to use for glass cabinet

Using annealed glass can result in nerves cut and severe injuries if shuttered as its pieces have sharp edges. On the other hand, tempered glass has minimal chances of shuttering and its shutters into small fragmented pieces if cracked.

Tempered glass undergoes heating at high temperature and chemical process, ensuring its strength and durability. It is hard to cut or drill tempered glass unless it shutters. Due to high heat endurance, tempered glass can stand up to the moderate temperature of 470-degree Fahrenheit. Apart from its breakage into small pieces, tempered glass has been proven to be scratch and stain resistant. Moreover, it is less prone to wear and tear as compared to standard glass.

Tempered glass use is observed in the number of architectural applications including glass cabinets. It is preferred by people when the main considerations are safety, strength and heat resistance.

High-Quality Tempered Glass Cabinets at Affordable Rates

Keeping in mind the safety hazards of glass material, Fab Glass and Mirror offers high-quality 100% tempered glass display cabinets to its valuable customers at affordable prices. Our glass cabinets undergo tempering at high temperatures and are thicker enough depending on the dimensions of the cabinet.

Moreover, cabinets come with mounting hardware and are resistant to scratches and stains. Their soft and flat polished edges are resilient to injury and their installation and maintenance are quite easy.

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