You Season 2

While this show is as entertaining as any Netflix produced the romantic thriller. First off, the cinematography and overall look of the film is amazing. The actors are incredible, and Penn Badgley’s performance is especially jaw-dropping.

The show does a great job of establishing its characters and making them work together, despite their differences. Elizabeth Lail’s character, beck is a love dependent. He is constantly justifying his actions, and never second doubting himself. He believes what he does is always right. This is the main reason these characters work so well together. Because they couldn’t be more different.

So while this show is extremely exciting and will always keep you on the edge of your seat. There’s one major thing it lacks that every great picture needs. This is a sense of direction. From the end to start it could tell that this show is going to be a fun ride, yet a windy one.

Like a rollercoaster in the dark, this show will leave you always guessing what’s to come, yet eager to find out. While this is a great aspect to have, it is still hard to ignore its aimlessness. So while it does seem all over the place.

It is constantly reminding you of what you’re watching and why you can’t stop. Because it is a wild, heartfelt ride that puts you through the eyes and minds of the characters. It emerges you in their world, leaving you as breathless as they are. Which is what every captivating show is meant to do.

However, “You Season 2” will be on the Netflix at the end of this year. Hope you will enjoy it.

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