Netflix’s Set To Out The Famous Show “You Season 2” In December!

You Season 2 is set to out in December have more details about the show!

You Season 2

Netflix’s famous series “You” is throwing it’s another season to uncover the mysteries leaving unanswered in season 1. The “You” is a Psychological thriller and crime fiction drama that getting much fame within one year. Its previous season 1 was premiered on September 2018.

Therefore, the “You Season 2” will hit the cinemas in the last of this year. Netflix debuted the You Season 1 for the fans in the USA in September 2018. However, the fans living outside America have the series in December 2018. The star cast of “You Season 2” got some clicks on the official account of the show.

As all of you may know that Badgley will join back the series as Goldberg. But nobody knows about the John Stamos who was performing as Dr. Nicky in previous season 1. He may return due to some technical points. Lastly, you have seen him in prison due to some murder attempts. However, John Stamos reporting that it is too early to announce that who will surely return back in You Season 2.

Therefore, the final decision will be taken later by the directors for a final star cast. However, the story will show the love tale of a bookstall manager. Who went forward after getting an escape from his past? As he fell in love with a female author. However, the charming twist starts from where this female is getting an obsession for this bookstall manager.

Moreover, he tries to get closer to the author by using social media. And he is trying to send his messages to her through all resources. He did not want to hurt his new girlfriend. But what when she came to know about the manager’s love for that female author?

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To know that rush towards cinemas on December 2019. And get to know about the love tale of the manager.


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