Netflix showing up the Movies This Week

Netflix showing up the Movies

Let’s check the all month notable documentary on Netflix.

As Netflix has not pitched a great documentary for several weeks; however, a change would be seen a few days later.

On 21, September “Quincy” will debut. A documentary shedding light on the life of cultural luminary Quincy Jones. Rashida Jones, his daughter has co-directed the great project.

Here you can have a deeper look at “Quincy” and also check the trailer below.

Another movie “Nappily Ever After” has also been added by Netflix, this week. This movie primarily focuses on the existential crisis: all of a sudden protagonist develops a thought that the perfect life she is living doesn’t resonate with the life that will make her actually happy. From a novel written in 2000 with the same title, its storyline is taken. The reviews are, however, not come out yet.

Another addition by Netflix, “The Witch”; a horror movie of the year 2015. Since it’s a Netflix production so most probably it will go a give you goosebumps and nightmares for weeks. Don’t miss it if you are dying heart fan of seeing horror movies. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has generated 91 percent.

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Premise: An in-depth portray of the professional life of Quincy Jones an iconic name in the Music Industry. From the Jones family, the documentary covers old footage to modernized interviews.

Is it good? Yes but watch it at your own risk. Since Quincy Jone’s daughter co-directed this. An exceptionally reverential tone is adopted in the documentary. A major part of the movie reflects accomplishments of Quincy without adequate inspection of the subject.

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An unexpectedly open and chatty interview with Vulture that was given by Quincy Jones less than a year ago comes into view. Since that article featured him for scorched Earth going, mentioning provocative, enlightening stories regarding his own self and famous fellow colleagues and friends. In fact, the documentary barely goes that profound. The documentary and the magazine feature even use the same central photo so it is a bit difficult to compare.

Even though, the documentary is a good trial to dive deep into Jone’s career leading to being a success in its own sense but make sure to watch that interview as well.

Netflix showing up the Movies This Week are listed down below:

Sept. 21

  • “The Witch”

Sept. 21

  • “Nappily Ever After” (Netflix film)
  • “Quincy” (Netflix original)


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