Netfilx Drop ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Trailer, Unpacks A New And Scarier Venture

Stranger Things' Season 3 Trailer

The producers of Stranger Things have just released their first teaser for season 3 and nothing seems like before anymore. The impish kids are now growing up and so are their antagonists powers. From the very beginning, the trailer is making it clear how these teenagers are now facing gigantic and scarier than ever problems. The trailer shows Eleven, Lucas, Max, and Mike throwing a party for Dustin who has just returned home. However, this surprise was undoubtedly a shock in disguise for Dustin who starts acting a bit weird towards it.

The Eleven and co. can be seen somewhat matured and changed, ready to enter
the adult life mode. Mike saying “we are not kids anymore” hints at the season three showing these grown-up folks ready to take on the new challenges.

The trailer is a dynamic combo of thrill and horror at the same time.

The season might be more terrifying and scary as compared to the previous two as can be guessed by the teaser.

The third season is coming out with a new cast member for the mayor, a new setting for the creatures of upside down, and a lot of panic creating scenes. As for the scary Demogorgon kind of thing, which appears at the very end of this trailer, it is bigger
than we have seen it before. The season will be available on Netflix in July this year.

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