NCAA facing 4 lawsuits regarding Football Head Injuries


The NCAA is going through 4 criminal lawsuits about football head injuries. Former players and families of college football alleged that organization was unable to protect players from head injuries resulted in brain damage and the CTE (a deteriorating disease). Diantha Stensrud watched her husband, Rod suffered from the deadly Alzheimer’s, for 5 years. Stensrud informed the CBS This Morning that it was horrible and disastrously nightmare to see him suffering from a deadly disease.

NCAA accused of failing to protect football players from head injuries

Some old pictures have shown Rod as a UCLA football player with a smile on his face. She also said that he took some severe hits on the field caused critical damages in his mind. The reports of CBS News correspondent, Anna Werner has indicated that early-onset Alzheimer’s diagnosed by doctors when he was at 55-year of age. Rod also expressed his fear at CBS station KPIX regarding his degrading in abilities in 2008.

Rod said that if he gets so bad, he will not be able to dress or go to the bathroom. He died 3 years later at the age 60. Now, his widow is one of the large numbers of people sued the NCAA. They blamed that the organization failed to protect college players for decades suffered from head injuries.

The NCAA rejected claims in an interview and issued a statement that the organization is continuously working with its members to support a healthy and safe life for college players. They are providing guidance and resources recommended by a massive number of scientific and medical communities. The organization also called the lawsuits as inappropriate.

NCAA official

An attorney with Edelson PC said that you will find the lawsuits unlawful after the progress in these cases. A study of Boston University has indicated that brains of former football players were donated to the Brain Bank. They discovered a deteriorating brain disease called CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). This disease was found at least 91% in the brains of former college players.

Ray Griffin, the former player of Ohio State and Cincinnati Bengals said that he received hundreds of hits in the 1970s. He is also suing for himself and said that those hits caused him mental damages. Players are giving their futures and brains for them. But, the NCAA didn’t tell about concussions in the college.

The NCAA said that they are conducting the most comprehensive clinical and advanced research study of concussion and head impact, in collaboration with the Department of Defense. It is important that Griffin is a part of an ongoing study about CTE and trying to discover a way to diagnose it in alive people, rather than just finding deadly diseases in their brains after the death.


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